Life Lessons – Intro


“The program for this evening is not new.
You’ve seen this entertainment through and through.
You’ve seen your birth your life and death.
You might recall all of the rest.
Did you have a good world when you died?
Enough to base a movie on?”


 – Jim Morrison of The Doors: The Movie  All hail the lizard king!  Ok enough of the silliness already.  One thing I must say, What do you do when you have no children to impart wisdom on?  Actually the wise man will scoff and inform you it is impossible to impart wisdom… Knowledge and information are all we can impart on those around us.  Wisdom comes from within; it is your perceptions and conclusions of what surrounds you.  Keeping on topic I will discuss perception later in another thread.  I am not necessarily wise, just very experienced in more things then most my age so, it is here where I will share what I cannot with what I do not have.

First are the stages to intelligence.  First is data, raw perfect data.  It is what it is, plain and simple, no ambiguity or misinterpretation available.  Second is information, which is comprised of data and starts to show patterns or concepts.  Third is knowledge, derived from information it is the interpretation of information to past, future, or abstract situations.  Fourth is wisdom, very obscure and hard to achieve, it is the insight and reason for the knowledge and how to apply the knowledge correctly to any situation that warrants it.  Finally there is enlightenment, which I have no clue about because I am nowhere close to that level.  Only from here can we proceed.  Life, knowledge, goals, or any journey must have 3 things.  An origin, a destination, and an itinerary.  You cannot make it to New York if you do not know where you are.  You cannot learn how to install an OS onto a PC without the steps, perquisites, and instructions.  Life is no different.  And this is where most of the world has gotten into a muddle.  We have lost our origin and are working with only half the itinerary.

We complicate and extrapolate ourselves in every possible facet and then wonder why things feel wrong or off.  Is there any reason movies like the Matrix strike such a cord in people today?  Why Wicca and Pagan views are popular?  Why we obsess over Reality TV shows or watching terrible things happen on the news with such relish?  The answer is simple… we have lost our way.  It is easy to dismiss this as ratings and ravings by a lunatic.  It is far easier to tear down those with unpopular ideals then ourselves.  For if we are wrong… our outlook is wrong… we have to change. 

This is where you must separate yourself from your passions, take a step back, analyze the situation, and finally apply and mold your mind around the truth.  Too many refuse to even try.  “I can’t!”  “I will try!”  These are defeated sentiments from close-minded people who are content in the blanket of ignorance they have surrounded them selves with.  Wake up; open your eyes, ears, and minds to what is seated right next to you.  I will start you on this journey but realize only you can complete it.  You will know it is complete when all the pieces fall into place and the layers of lies and delusions are melted away and you can see for your self and understand where it is you are.  I can not tell or instruct you on how to ride a bicycle.  All I can do is give you insight, it is up to you to discover if it is correct and apply it.  The steps are yours to take, all I can do is point you to the path… and it begins here.

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