Mass Media in a feeding frenzy over London attacks

Dateline London, July 7th 2005.  An apparent terrorists attack strikes a large city during morning rush to work.  In a coordinated attack taking down three trains and one bus apparently evacuating survivors from the first train station hit.  Some people will still ask why, even in this post September 11th world.  It is frustrating to a person who knows and understands terror tactics to watch the seemingly identical response to an attack.  London is not a stranger to bombings or terrorists lurking around remember the IRA has been there for decades.  The news agencies are adding to the terrorists effectiveness by continuously re-running footage of broken bodies and dedicating so much time on the attacks.  The main stream media is helping the terrorists spread there fear by reporting sensationalized reports and making the news sound worse then it actually is.  They did it in New York and now in London.  Many news agencies and most viewers don’t even know why news is reported the way it is.  Ratings, pure and simple.  The more people who watch, read, listen to your reports the higher price you can charge your sponsors and the more these sponsors are willing to pay to get their wares maximum exposure.  Do I really want to buy tires or tampons after seeing people blown to bits?  No!  So why do we allow this feeding frenzy, worse case scenario, and “it will happen to you next” mentality to continue?  This is a phenomenon that escapes me.  I am a free willed, free thinking, anti-establishment individual and refuse to have someone tell me how to feel, act, think, or react to any thing.  I believe the news media should report the facts as they know them first, spend some time to let the reality of the situation sink in and process the data collected, and finally give prospective and analysis of the event.  Offer some things to look out for or some lesson learned to give people hope and comfort instead of fear and anxiety.


What did these bombers do?  They detonated a series of bombs within a small window of time during high traffic times and in high traffic areas in heavy populated locations.  The number of deaths and major casualties is light given the potential impact, remember the hundreds killed and maimed in Spain last year?  Initial reports put deaths around 40 and severely wounded less then 100.  I am not making light of those killed or maimed, but offer perspective to recent attacks.  This attack is a typical response attack.  It is designed to gain a public forum and bring attention and focus on a group and their cause.  These attacks are meant to shock and sicken, leaving a resounding mental image and a profound mental marker that will not fade any time soon.  Unlike surgical or purposeful attacks meant to disrupt infrastructure, hamper military operations, or assonate political targets the purpose and intent are ambiguous and will offer the longest time to interpret and diagnose in the political and media forums.  These style attacks are also used to intimidate the public in general to oppose and replace the existing regime by proving they can not protect their public.  This is a tactic the IRA almost pulled off in London but failed by getting too aggressive with their targets and attacks.  Attacks like this mornings are encouraged by the outcome in the Spanish elections and the amount of hysteria they create in the main mass media.  One who has been trained to identify these tactics will also know these attacks can come as a precursor or signal for another attack or a diversionary tactic to conduct a covert operation with a greater degree of success.  So what actually happened?  Civilians were targeted and attacked in an internationally covered and recently in the news city to show the world they are still around, capable of executing complex and multi pronged attacks at will and with out detection.  Due to the recent news of terrorists leaders being captured, killed, and hemmed into rural areas and deemed ineffective these attacks had to happen to alert governments this group still exists and to alert its members that the fight is still there and worth being conducted.


How can we protect ourselves?  Truth is we can’t!  My ancestors created, perfected, and introduced the concept of guerilla warfare to the “modern” world.  Not only that, by learning this tactic and employing it against a superior foe the fledging colonists defeated the mightiest nation on the planet but we introduced the concept of basic terror tactics.  If an enemy is determined to harm you, you will be harmed (unless you can go to the moon).  The most powerful force on the planet is a determined man.  Look at dictators and their raise to power, the atomic bomb, the space program, the entertainment industry, etc. etc.  Modern terrorists are weak, small, and not capable of sustained operations or taking large casualties.  The insurgents in Iraq are not these terrorists but closer to mercenaries, the same as the Hessians the Brits used against us in during the Revolution.  Because terrorists are weak and small they look for the element of surprise and a target unaware of its surroundings… the soft target.  Most civilians and the places they gather epitomize the soft target.  Most government and military targets are well protected, surveyed, armed, and connected to a communications network that can bring a large amount of firepower to bear for reprisal, the hard target.  Terrorists are smart, usually college educated, have a wide intelligence network, and the complacency of their targets, and a focused determination as there tools.  If you have to be around a high value target (a target that offers a high casualty rate, a symbolic blow, high exposure military or political asset, or an area that will cause the most terror) you have to evaluate your self and surroundings and find the hard points and utilize them to minimize your exposure.  Take alternate routs often, very routine, stay away from large groups, observe the behaviors of those around you and stay leery of anything suspicious.  Cary a fully charged cell phone, plastic bottles of water, small first aid kits, chem lights, a lighter, a multi-tool, and if possible a firearm.  Short of being a shut-in working from your home fortress you will expose yourself to some degree of danger until these terrorists have called it quits and life in America returns to normal and we can quibble about politics, the media, our social values, and materialism like the old days.

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