What is the hiring requirements for the DMV?

My vechicle tags expire this month, so me being the upstanding law abiding citizen I am decide to stop off at the nearby emissions testing center that also issues vechicle tags and pick them up, quick trip right… riiiight!  After standing in line for 45 minutes I get to the window and explain I misplaced my renewal post card.  I am informed to fill out the replacement request form and I can even do that at the window without out of line.  My lucky day right.  The woman behind the window even tells me I do not have to fill out the request form fully, just give her my license plate  number… simple enough.  I am then informed I have to get my car emissions tested.  Odd seeing Wisconsin requires testing every 2 years and I had mine done last year.  So I ask the nice lady why I have to have it tested again, it was tested last year, and she becomes really sarcastic and rude.  I go ahead and get into the long line of cars waiting to get tested.  Another 45 minutes but at least I have my stereo and can blast my ZZ Top tunes as loud as I want (really hot day so everyone had their ACs on.  I call into work and let them know I’m held up at the DMV, they understand.
I get to the testing station and there is confussion when they enter my car’s information into the computer system.  I go over to see what the problem is and they want to know why I am there.  I explain the deal wtih the woman at the licensing counter and they look at me like I am crazy.  The woman who caused this whole thing is on break and I can see her in the courtyard area.  I point her out and the people seem to not know who she is.  They then tell me to beat it.  I have to drive around to the administration building again to get back into another long line and finally pick up my tags.  Needless to say a trip that should have been done in 20 minutes took nearly 2 hours out of my day!  And the best was yet to come…. See the previous posting!!!!!
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