Wooo Hoooo!!! New Antenna and HD is slammin’

With football season and the fall lineup I had to do something.  Ok here is my setup; I have a Samsung TXP-3027-WHD HD set with built in tuner, my Christmas present to myself last year.  I purchased a Terk HDTV indoor antenna, looked pretty cool and had a very high rating.  Well, I wasn’t getting very good reception, only 3 channels in from around the Milwaukee area, not counting the 8 HD public TV channels, only one broadcasts in HD but only HD programs which look totally awesome.  Well anyway, This summer I picked up an Onkyo HT-R520 6.1 receiver (sweet, very sweet).  Well, as I was saying reception wasn’t too good.  I went to the website that gives information on the HD channels in the area.  I should have been receiving 5 to 8 non PBS channels. 
Living in an apartment my options are limited, hense the Terk indoor antenna.  So today after a few hours of research, I motored to the closest Radio Shack and picked up an indoor HD amplified antenna, 15-1880.  I hooked it up and verified I could pick up my regular channels I hit the auto program button and let it go.  It came back the same.  So I tuned into my HD channels and checked the signal strenght.  It was stronger, but not by much.  I was starting to think the $50 I spent on the antenna was a waste.  I turned on the signal booster and cranked it all the way up and fine tuned the position, while watching the channel meter to make sure I was getting the strongest signal.  All the signal towers in the Milwaukee area are in a farm around 14 miles from here.  I then sat back and did another auto tune and…. bingo!  NBC, ABC, WB, CBS, plus various local and other odd stations. 
So now I can catch Monday Night Football, Lost, all the Law & Orders, Boston Legal, Navy NCIS (any one else notice a problem with that name?), and maybe one of those alien shows, something has to be on now that Enterprise is gone.  Oh well, My day ended on a good note.  I have a new antenna and can pick up HD channels all with crystal clear surround sound!  Sorry I get excieted about nice electronic stuff.  I am getting a little pixelation from time to time, but of course my cell phone can drop signal in my apartment so there is obvisiously some electronic interference going on around here.  Anywho I’m excieted, i have HD reception and sound, and my TV entertainment needs seem met!  Wooo… hooo.
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