State Fair Take 2

Ok I made it back to the fair, and at night no doubt.  Of course under the guise of hair band mania night none the less.  I could not resist!  Ratt was the first ‘hard rock’ album I ever purchased, back in the 80’s when they and there sound were considered hard, edgy, innovative.  Ahhh memories.  Quiet Riot was great, but sounded too polished.  Ratt was showing there age, however Warren De Martini was in perfect form, he improvised on a few songs and though he did not do a solo, I was hoping for the blues insired beginning to Shame Shame Shame, it was great to hear these guy were still together and rocking hard and showing life.  Cinderella was as great as ever, they did all there big hits, nothing off there last, even though it is there second best, album.
It was very reminisent of an era long gone.  Days when everything was brand new, discovering everything for the first time.  It is a shame there hasn’t been such an innovative and ground breaking era in music since the 80’s.  It really took me back, a warm summer evening and tunes from the formative years.  Too bad my digital camera isn’t very good, I must admit many of the stage shots look the same, but trust me it looked awesome.
Not the party after the concert was one of legend.  I ran into some friends after the concert and we headed of one of the local watering holes.  First there was a very strange and disturbing man who was bothering all the wives of my frineds, so after he tried to steal one of their shoes we decided enough was enough, think Quagmire from Family Guy!!!!  He did have some friends there, but cooler heads prevailed and we were able to setelle things with a hand shake and a round of drinks.  After the bar closed we headed to a local late night restrauant, George Webbs, there only in Wisconsin as far as I know.  Some of my friends were a little rowdy.  One person was the receipant of a wedgie so severe he was wearing the waste band as a head band.  Numerous attempts to quiet some of the group down failed but the food helped.  All in all a very ‘old school’ Saturday night.  It is fun to get out there from time to time just to see how much some things and how much many thing stay the same.  The goup od guys are always fun and I love hanging out with them, but only in moderation… like the public service announcements say, enjoy in moderation. 
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