Well, it is never dull!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhh Mondays, crazy Mondays.  All I can do is shake my head.  I went into work this morning and suprise, suprise, suprise… Police cars and people all in the parking lot.  As I slowed down one of the managers came up and said everyone was eargely awaiting me, not a very comfortable thing to hear in a scene like this.  As I walked in the District Manager and two police officers approached me and that is when I found out the office was broken into.  Talk about a headache, well that wasn’t the whole story… nope we were hit by three viruses over the weekend and the whole north american network backbone was down.  Double wammy and I didn’t have any breakfast!
Seven laptops were stolen, no power cords, LCD monitors, docking stations, phones, scanners, printers, nothing but the laptops.  Breakin was around 7PM last night by smashing in the glass in the back entrancce.  Of course an alarm system was too expensive so we didn’t have one.  Not like it would really matter, they appeared to be in and out in 5 minutes tops from what they took and what they left behind.  They went trhough desk drawers, nothing was missing, and left some laptops, the older ones… like the one on my work table.  No prints were left, at least the police said they wern’t any surfaces they could dust… doubt that.  The average battery life is around 2.75 hours, not very long.  Each laptop is password protected with domain enabled encryption, meaning it will be bery hard to crack, easier to wipe and re-install the OS, the installed programs are pretty much usless unless you can copy the old registry and then install the keys for the programs to get them to work again.  Basically these laptops are useless in the hands of common theifs and sold to common people.
I spent all morning reporting to dell the serial numbers and lease information so they can not be worked on or ordered on if the serial numbers are used.  I had to reset all the user’s passwords, delete their PC’s accounts, scape together enough PC’s and configure them for the most vital users, get temporary pc’s ordered from corporate and next day aired down, and configuring and ordering replacements PCs.
Next came the virus, which was still crippeling the main server farms at corporate.  We only had 14 Windows 2000 machines and only 4 were infected, so for the rest of the day I was isolating PC’s installing necessary service packs, virus patches, and antivirus definition files.  Users were screaming they could not access the internet, email, or Citrix applications…. they thought the office was off line, but we weren’t the proxy servers, exchange servers, and Cittrix farms were all down along with some critical databases.  These distractions were killing me, as all the upgrades and patches that had to be applied because of the service packs took about 25 minutes per machine, and I could not batch the jobs, meaning I had to go to each machines, logon as the administrator, map the server and appliy the core patches manually and then allow the login scripts to do the rest.  Our network kept our Windows 2000 at SP2 for some ungodly unkonw reason, well, not any more.  I have never been happy with the way corporate made me/restricted me from keeping the pc’s protected and healthy.  Of course we have custom applications that they have to test the service packs out and hotfixes/patches on prior to releasing them, well they need to have more modern custom apps or have them re-written to at least stay in this centry!  Come on man, you are killing me!
Needless to say, My day was very busy, no breakfast, no lunch, and straight work from 8 to 6:30.  Add that to the fact I have to be at the office at 6:30 to catch a ride to our Apleton office to fix there PC’s and make sure there new training PCs are good to go for class at 9 AM.  Madison has logged some problems so it will be interesting to see if they try to send me there also, oh and I have to get back in time, driving back a new van from the brach office, to configure and setup the loaner pcs from corporate.  Does anyone out there have a cloning machine????  Well, today’s lesson on Living With Purpose will be postponed hopefull I can get to it tomorrow.  Sorry but I am beat and mentally drained with a it of a headache, lack of food and water. 
Some have asked if I will continue beyound my regular sylabus, yes I will.  I have a few philosphies and theories to air, along wigh my special observations.  I must warn that beginning this fall there will probably be some political views here, and I am very passionate and stuborn when it comes to politics.  Anyway.  I must hydrate and such. 
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2 Responses to Well, it is never dull!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Sarah says:

    Oh my gosh!! What a mess you had to deal with!! I do wish I had that cloning machine I\’ve always wanted so I could have given you an extra few people to help!! You know…I wonder if it was an inside job? I mean…someone broke in and they went right for the computers…they had to have been in and out fairly quickly, you said 5 minutes…so they must have known the layout…? I don\’t know. Hmmm makes me think. My Dad used to be a chielf of police and still works in loss prevention so I\’ve always been interested in these types of stories, brings out the Nancy Drew in me. On the good side, it did show your company just how valuable you are!! Don\’t let them forget that when it\’s time for a raise…I hope your head is getting back to nornal. I know it can take a while for your body to recover from going so long without water. Tkae care of yourself!! And yes!! My offer still stands now or ever. I\’d love to read what you\’ve written!! 😀 I\’ve stuck my email/MSN address in for you.

  2. A. says:

    Your Monday sounds like mine. Ick. At least it\’s over… \’til next week. Glad I was directed to your space. Lots of fun reading here. Take care!

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