Round 2

Well, more of the same… different city.  Add that to the rdering snafu’s and the miss-communication between departments and i am so ready to take a few vacation day!  Of course this is what i get paid the big bucks for, better then flipping burgers or laying concrete in the hot sun!  Mentally drained, but 2 movies were sitting in my chair when I came back from the 90 minute drive from the Appleton office today.  The DVD gods laid a nice gift of the two movies i ordered from!  Hero and Vanishing point.  I am so mentally drained I am just going to sit back, turn up the surround sound, and forget about viruses and laptop theives and all that other stuff we call a job.  I’ll make up the posts this weekend, baby sitting my god-daughter for a day and a half… her parents anniversary.  Anywho, food getting cold, drink getting warm, I’ll be back to normal form soon, just need to decompress for a day or two.
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1 Response to Round 2

  1. Sarah says:

    I\’ve had an interesting read this morning!! I\’ve sent my thoughts by email. I hope today isn\’t quite as bad, with everyone wanting everything taken care of.

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