European Flooding

While watching the NBC nightly news tonight I noticed something that was a little disturbing.  Now being a good citizen and one that consideres himself well informed I watch news from around the world and take in as many points of view as possible to discover the truth.  NBC reported a very small segment on the flooding in Europe.  They covered a quant German Abby that is world famous for its beer production and perfect location at a bend of a picturesque river.  A rather up beat and not too ofending story, yet all week BBC and espically the German News Agencies have been reporting on the massive flooding that has devistated mountain villages espically in poorer stretches of Romania, Austria, Bulgaria, and Switzerland.  Why has the rest of the world at least mentioned this flooding that is worse then any 100 years before?  Ok, I know it is Europe, and yes the most damage and death occured in poor and rural Romania and Bulgaria.  No sweeping stereotypical panning shots avaliable, and no major meusems or ancient buildings we have ever heard of are there.  Most of the afflicted areas now are ones we have heard of, and dramatic helichopter rescues of Swiss citizens did not make the cut.  No if we are to cover poor dying people we turn to war torn Africa, and Iraq.  The filter of news to only those stories ratings dictate is not doing us any favors here.  By focusing only on stories tied directly to us we are missing an important part of the picture.
This is a global community now, communications, travel, trade, and awareness demand this.  Is it any suprise Venezuela has limited their radio stations to cut there programing of American music to 50%, or they are purchasing 3 submarines from China, 4 corvettes and 10 transport planes from Spain?  How about a near melt down between the EU and China over a quota for textiles?  We are in a new territory where the ripples from accross the pond will be felt here sooner and stronger then in the past.  It seems the mainstream medai has a double standard of reporting only the worst and most negative to our image at homw again and again.  Did anyone know the UN’s report on world wealth has reported a decade high in the rift between the rich and poor of the world.  There are fewer rich people, but with more wealth and more poor with rapidally shrinking middle classes in every country.  Yet all most of us here are hearing every night is Iraq, Iraq, Isreal, gas prices, housing markets, Iraq.  It must be nice to let ratings and sponsers run the content of your news room.  We don’t want our citzens to have an educated view of the world around them.  Yet as always we do not demand more, we sit back and accept it for what it is, a reflection of us… the very same reflection the rest of the world sees.
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