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Quote      “I have been in this lady’s shoes. I’ve been angry and left his practice. I mean, in-my-car-taking-off angry,” Haney said. “But once you think about it, you’re angry at yourself, not Doctor Bennett. He’s the messenger. He’s telling you what you already know.”      

As all of you should know by now I am a huge promoter of personal responsibility and telling the truth, as you can never fault a person for being honest, if they are brutally honest.  That is unless you live in the liberal northeast.  In an era of political correctness running amuck and eroding the trust and fun of living in the greatest democracy on Earth I have to take a step back and ask WTF many more times then I did when I was younger.  Has anyone else felt outrage at the amount of time, effort, money, resources wasted in the Dr. Terry Bennett case reported in the link on this posting?  I can see a sensitivity issue, but not one worth suing or requesting disciplinary action over.  A doctor was using his blunt and long standing firmness to impress on this woman how her lack of personal responsibility and respect was on the way to killing her.  Sometimes we need the sharp sting of a slap across our face to wake us up and get our head out of our butts. 


If this woman were so offended by the comments she received for being morbidly obese, then all she has to do is find a different doctor.  Even in the small farming community I grew up in in rural Alabama there were two doctors for many years, now there are four.  Now what is ironic to me is the ACLU is not siding with the doctor for expressing his expert medical opinion as free speech.  He is being persecuted for speaking his mind in a country where we can denounce our government for being cruel and a bully for causing a war for no real reason, yet we cannot call a spade a spade.  Is anyone else seeing a huge double standard here?  Am I the only one?  Why do the free speech liberals come to the rescue of a feces covered crucifix but not a professional trying to impress the importance of losing weight to one of his patients?  If he had refused her care they would be suing him for discrimination against the obese!  Again WTF!


This is just another example of American being over sensitive and irresponsible for themselves.  If I cause an accident on the road I expect to be called a flippin’ idiot.  I am not going to hire a lawyer and try to sue those whose property I damaged for emotional distress leading to severe acute emotional insecurity and therefore lost future wages and enjoyment of driving for being permanently traumatized to never feel comfortable being in a car again.  If you are fat you are fat, why try to make yourself feel better about it by calling it something with a pretty name that means the exact same thing?  If you are short you are short, is calling it vertically challenged going to make you any taller, more respected, more equal to the lumbering giants you work with?  No.  It is interesting the comment by the patent at the end of the article, yes she was offended… but it lit a fire under her butt and made her do something about it, and not run home and drown her sorrows in a tub of ice cream.


Am I picking on fat people, short people, or doctors…. no!  I am picking on these hyper sensitive, crybabies, who want to feel better about them selves with out putting forth any real effort or change.  Life is hard, cruel, cold, and un-relentless… what would this woman do in another country?  Would she have been treated any better with any more respect?  Maybe, maybe not… what would she do when the neighborhood kids made silly songs and rhymes about her and recited them each time she waddled by?  Would she sue their parents?  Would she sue the food manufacturers for producing a product she could not use responsibly like the liberals tried to do with gun manufacturers?  There is a line in all this touchy feely political correctness and I can say we are pushing awfully close to it. 


In Canada they have passed laws against wearing strong perfumes in the work place, swearing in public buildings, even wearing offensive clothing.  Are we destined to be like Canada?  Do we really want to follow their lead?  Is our society that messed up we have to institute laws governing how far we can go in our speech, the deodorant we wear, the color combination of our attire, the style of hair we have?  I know this is a slippery slope argument, making it a fallacious argument and therefore not founded or based in logical fact or evidence, but where do we stop this insanity train?  How far is too far?  Will I be facing a fine and civil lawsuit for laughing at a ridiculous haircut 10 years from now?  Will a doctor be sued for applying a life saving vaccination shot to a child because the child is now permanently damaged and will never like going to the doctors thereby hindering his/her access to adequate health care in the future?  Don’t laugh I bet this overweight woman would say this is totally appropriate!  Well, at least her lawyers would.


I would be willing to bet if she wins the case and does nothing about her weight she would file a lawsuit against the same doctor years from now as she is dying and riddled with weight related problems for not mentioning to her earlier how bad things would get if she did not stop her ways.  This person is of a type who points the finger at all around them when ever anything goes against their will or way.  As my grandfather would say, ‘you know, when you point that finger… three more are always pointed back!’  This woman and the legions like her need to buck up, face the facts, accept their failings in life, and get off their butts and do something about it, I do not mean suing those who are trying to help.  People are content where they are for the most part, otherwise they will do what ever it takes to change.  All this doctor tried to do was reach the woman and impress upon her the seriousness of letting her condition persist.  If the worst thing she gets is her doctor telling her is fat, she should consider herself lucky.  Unchecked she can look forward to diabetes, heart disease, severe arthritis, clogged arteries, increased chance of stroke, high blood pressure, anemia, blindness, and growing old lonely because no one will want to be around her.  The media needs to run to the doctor’s aid, not condemn him for being cruel and hurtful, pfttt.  This must be a slow news week if this creeps its way to the top of the news listings!


Doctor in trouble for calling patient obese – Diet & Fitness –

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