The sign of things to come…. hopefully!

I am a huge TV fan, more then I should be.  My love for TV has been lack luster lately due to one thing, reality TV.  I hate reality TV!  From its inception to its current refined state I still dispise it and refuse to watch it.  Reality TV implys what you are watching is real, uncensored, unproduced, unscripted, stripped down raw emotions… this is the draw but guess what boys and girls…. put a camera in someones face and there actions, reactions, and decissions change.  People in reality TV shows are acting differently then they would if a camera and sound crew were not around.  I do not buy the unscripted or produced angle either.  I believe people go in and tell these people what to do or how to react in order to cause more drama or conflict.  As we all know people love to watch a good fight!
I am encourged by the almost lack of new reality shows debueting this season on TV.  I know there are still a ton of them returning, but at least they aren’t breeding like rabbits like they have for the past 5 years.  Instead we are given a wide varity of drama, sci-fi, legal, and yes the dreaded sit-coms.  It is refreshing to see such a wide variety of new shows coming out this season.  I know most will fail but this could show a trend to get back to shows that are engaging and challenging, not just brain junk food.  Show like Desperate Housewives, Lost, Law & Order series, CSI series, and The West Wing have all spawned clones and simular themed shows.
The oddity are the few alien shows debueting this season.  Not since X-files have hour long dramas been on TV, and now there are two of them.  It appears the reality TV fad is on its down swing and the hour long thinking programs are back.  With any luck the die hard series will prevail and survive and the others like, E- Wing, Prison Break, Commander In Chief, and any of the alien or ghosts shows are a welcomed addition to those returning, and if they do well… then more will come.
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One Response to The sign of things to come…. hopefully!

  1. Cordelia says:

    Cheney as President would be scary, but sometimes I wonder if he isn\’t calling most the shots anyway.

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