We have come a long way in a short time!


We live in an amazing age.  With all the negativity I have seen lately in the news, and lack of uplifting movies and such I will take it upon myself to do something up beat.  Have you ever received any of those “Dose this make any one else feel old” chain letters that outline the age and advances the current graduating college class have always know?  These lists are always incredible to me.  I will not repeat the entire list, some of it is silly, but will outline the advances since I have been old enough to remember.  For you who are of this age, please take a moment to reflect on what life would be like with out the things you take for granted, as this is how I and the rest of us of my generation grew up.

This year’s college freshmen, born in 1987 have always know:

First off, food….

Soda has always come in an aluminum can
They do not know what a pull tab looks like for a beverage can
Bottle caps have always been plastic, and twist off
There have always been microwaves and microwavable foods



Seat belts have always had shoulder straps
Rear windows have always rolled only ½ way down
They have never seen Regular gas at the pumps, only Un-Leaded
Spare tires have always looked like overgrown bicycle tires



TV’s have always had a remote control
They have never had to manually tune in a VHF channel using ‘the dial’
VCR’s have always existed
MTV has always been there, but seldom shown videos



The Walkman was introduced before they were born
There have always been CDs
They have never had to tune in a station on a car stereo with a knob that pulled a real wire across the face of the radio
Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, AC/DC, Run DMC, Midnight Oil, Hank Williams Jr., and Jimmy Buffet have always been on ‘classic’ stations to them.



There have always been computers and an internet
Windows has always been around
They have never used an actual floppy disk, the 5 ½ inch actual floppy disk
Computer screens have always been color



Iran-Contra has always been in the history books
There was only one Pope, until this year.
The Berlin Wall has always been down to them
There has always been a woman on the Supreme Court


Blockbuster has always been there to rent movies from
They have never seen the original Star Wars versions in the theaters
Pierce Bronsen has always been James Bond
Mel Gibson is famous for his Lethal Weapon movies


This is as far as I am going to go.  As this illustrates, today’s college freshman have had a pretty posh life.  Of course this is relative.  Ever hear the stories of your parents walking for 2 miles in the snow to get to school?  However the advances in the past 20 years have been huge.  We have medical procedures never though of in science fiction movies.  We have more choices then any generation prior in all kinds of goods.  We can receive instant information in any number of ways we like.  We are witnessing advances in genetics and micro-biology that will increase our quality of life within our own life time.  We can do almost anything, including work, from the comfort of our own homes.  The possibilities are very bright indeed, with new advancements in medicine, food production, economic growth and opportunity, and affordable goods and services the possibilities to be better off in only 10 years is greater then any generation prior to ours.  Yes these are wondrous times we live in and they look to be going only better.  So let’s stop for a second and look back to see how far we have come in such a short time.  It is pretty incredible!

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