Lost – Season 2

I could not believe the season preimere of Lost last night!  They were able to carry there sucess from season 1 to 2 almost flawlessly.  Shannon, like her recently deceases brother, is seeing things (Walt soaking wet and telling her to be quiet), Hearley confessed to being in a mental institution, though there is still a mystery as to why and how he befriended the person who told him the "numbers".  Kate dissapeared, Sawyer and the crew of the raft were nowhere in the episode, presumibly still a few miles off shore and at least one of them shot and the raft on fire, Locke with a gun to his head by a hightly strung aquaintance of the good doctor Jack and injecting some sort of something every day… at least, and well, that is all the producers and directors wanted us to see.  The camera work continues to be the best in the business, and thank goodness I can enjoy the entire season in HD 16:9 with 6.1 sourrond glory!
Bravo people, you ended with a classic Lost hook to ensure a return of those hooked by last season, and with a briliant marketing ploy, released the first season to DVD so those who watched Lost as a filler can run out to Blockbuster, or their local video store and rent the whole first season to get caught up.  Now they are promising to reviel eveyone’s fate in the next show!  May be a little too early in my humble opinion, but hey… these guys are professionals and are running with one of the best storylines to grace TV in almost a decade so let them have there fun at our expense. 
The mysteries of the island just keep plying up!  Why does the hatch have QUARENTEN written on the inside cover?  What is with the huge magnet partially excavated in the underground bunker?  Why is the man who was training to "run around the world" in the bunker?  Who’s shoes were in the bunker and why were we shown them?  Are the people on the boat who kidnapped Walt the others?  There ratty cloathing and dingy appearance sure suggests so.  Why was Walt’s dog sitting and whinning in the exact spot Shannon tripped and fell onto when Walt appeared to her in what looks to be foreshadowing to either his ability to communicate, or his ghost, or her preception of there watery deaths.  Will those from the raft make it back to the island?  Was Sawyer really shot?  Will Jin finally come clean to his wife if they make it back and patch up there marrage, being the only married couple on the island… come on dude you are harboring more of a secrete then your wife’s knowing and speaking of english!  And well, there is more but you get my point!  They sure know how to pose more questions when the answer one, ensuring an interesting new season.  Let’s just hope it dosen’t colapse on its own weight like some instant sucess show did.  I hope they keep there time slot and let Invasion go up against Law & Order, I would hate to have to chose between the two.  Well so far as my past posting about the upcoming season seems to be right, the optimism I had was warrented.  So far so good, and we will have to see what the reamining 3 nights have to offer.  Mark in on your calander, set your VCR’s and DVR’s… it will be a good Wednesday night if nothing else!
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One Response to Lost – Season 2

  1. Cordelia says:

    Don\’t give away too many details…we\’re still viewing season 1 over here!

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