Fantacy Football Week 4

Ok I did not report on my losing week, got a bit lazy and a bit busy at the same time.  Week 2, win.  Week 3 Loss, bad loss.  I had 2 quarterbacks get season ending injuries, 1 receiver get suspended for drug offenses, and whole bunch of under preformers.  Ahhh, but the bright spot… my defense, well one of them anyway.  I picked the Raven’s and the Bengal’s.  I picked the Bengals for no pictular reason, but they have ended up being my best pick.  I have build a good offense around my two running backs, and this week, got 100 points. 
Now I am 3-1, leading the western division and thanks to the only undefeated team left losing I am 4th is points scored.  I know the lineup I have will not hold out for the rest of the season, many of the players are old or on teams with hard schedules and a good chance of injuries, but hopefully I can get enough of an early push to make my first year of fantacy football a really good one.  I was at the commissioner’s house this weekend and a few other owners were there, we did not talk football at all, kind of odd, but kind of cool… being my first year and I am doing better then people who have played for years.  Of course this could be beginners luck, but I doubt that.
Next week I get to play yet another high scoring team, I just hope my line up has another good week and I can get the first half of the season past me with only one loss.  I have no illussions of winning the superbowl, but I do want to make the playoffs, espically after listening to the commissioner and a few other owners about my ‘bone headed’ acquissions and dropping good players.  I would love to just smile and shake my head when we all get together at the end of the season knowing I did better then they did.
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One Response to Fantacy Football Week 4

  1. Sarah says:

    Wow, it sounds like you have had quite the week!!

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