Fantacy Football Week 5

Well, all I can say is…. I love beginner’s luck!  Game 5 in the books and I am not at 4-1, leading the division and am sharing the W column with a team I beat in week 1 for the whole league.  Following a 100 point week 4 game I was able to muster 89 points this week.  I could have made some better positional placements but feel I have the hang of the weekly analysis of the teams and what they will face.  I did pick up Washington’s QB to patch the hole in my offense from 2 huge injuries in week 3.  It appears the QB decission was a good one, he did a good job again this week.  I am leading my division if points, but the other division is still dominated by 2 teams who average 108 points a game… I can’t compeate with that.
So unless most of my players fall apart, or I grossly miss-manage the whole process I should cruise into the playoffs, and then get eaten alive by one of the scoring machines.  One thing I can say, it is better to know the game by having played it, even if only in high school, then it is to try to understand it on the fly.  Time will tell, now if only the Lions could do this well…. maybe I sould apply to be their GM, can’t do much worse!
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  1. •A•jam3s™ says:

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