Fantacy Football Week 8

Last weeks contest pitted me against the league commissioner!  My 2 of my 3 highest scoring players were on bye weeks and the health of another weapon was questionalbe.  My quarterback, Mark Brunell of the Washington Redskins, had a devistating game which netted me no points and puts his durability into question.  Despite all this I walked away victorious yet again.  And after 3 weeks no need to shift around any more players.  The season is almost 2/3rds over now and there are only two teams at 6-2.  A division rival and myself.  I own the first game between our two teams but he has a better combination of players. 

Yet again time will tell how well I can manage my pieced together team of dark horses into high scoring routes like last week.  This marks the second week I have scored more then 100 points, but it also seems my Divisions scores are rising making no game a given.  Next week I face the only team in the league with a 0-8 record, and I do not want to be their only win, or the begin of a late season spoiler game.  My best running back/receiver is on a bye this week, Steven Jackson of St Louis, but I get Corey Dillon of New England back, rested and proven, and Kevin Barlow of San Francisco can fill in for another week, I just hope he has another breakout game again.  I will have to pick the Bengals defense against Baltimore over Detroits against the injured Vikings, Detroit has to play an away game, and despite an broken QB they are playing in the metrodome, and that might be enough to give the offense a good game.  Baltimore looked good last night, but their offense made some key mistakes and this is a short week for them, so the Monday Night hangover, coupled with a key AFC contest weighs in Cinncinattai’s favor.  Of course I am too pre-occupied this week and will not know what happened until the following week so who knows, let’s hope the football gods have pitty on my players and bless them all with good games and maintained health for the playoffs!

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One Response to Fantacy Football Week 8

  1. Sarah says:

    Only a few days left!!! Don\’t forget the camera and film!!!! HAve fun!! 😀

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