Home Again

Well, my Asian odyessy is over, at least chapter 1… for now!  I had a wonderful time and despite leaving my digital camera at my hostess’s home (she will snail mail it to me soon).  I should have a good rundown of my adventures to follow soon, and with pictures.  There are many tales to tell, as China was more of a suprise then I thought.  I loved the weather, the food, the people, and the sights so much I am looking forward to going again.  And this time I will be there for a longer amount of time, and will keep the number of places to see less aggressive so I can take more pictures and video and enjoy the company more.
One thing I must say, I very much fell in love on the trip.  It was not anticipated to have happened, which is better and makes it that much more special.  In order for my friends to receive their gifts they have to hear me beem on and on about the lovely woman who showed me the sights, interperted, bartered, and shopped with me all over the place.  She showed me a side of China few westerners get a chance to see or visit.  We ventured into old style markets, truely local restrauants and shopping plazas, and talk to real people about real things, not just spots a tour agency picked out.  I learned many things on the trip, about China, myself, and a little more about people and the world.  Thank you Ms. Li for showing me such a good time and know I will be counting the days till we can visit again, which will be soon.
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