China Travel Log, Day Three 11-8

The next morning we wake up early, and meet at the convenience store for drinks and food to take on the way to Macau.  I present my hostess with a beautiful white flower from outside the market, she saw it but I was tall enough to get it for her.  I am a little sad to leave the nice complex behind, it was a beautiful place to live.  We get into one bus and then hail a taxi for another hair raising ride to another bus station where we secure out tickets to the Macau border, Macau is a special region, like Hong Kong, so they have their own immigration and border procedures different then mainland China. 


I am a little worried about my visa but all goes well, and yes more forms to fill out, I am getting good at filling out those little immigration forms quickly (but did not have a pen… hence the suggestion you take a pen with you).  We get into Macau and my hostess secures hotel rooms for us while I take in all the European architecture, this city used to be a Portuguese colony and is now home to Asia’s largest casino and the only casinos in China.  It is also famous for Indy racing and the Kun Iam Buddha. 


We stay at the Holiday Inn and after check-in meet up to see the sights together.  We start off by getting some ice cream, Coco, my beautiful hostess, loves ice cream.  We go to some of the boutiques and then visit the Kun Iam Buddha temple, which was very beautiful and impressive.  There are copies of the original teachings of ying-yang written on the inner dome. 


We then went to look at the casinos as I was a little curious what type of games they had in them and Coco had never been in one before.  It was like most casinos, except I noticed there was a clock on the wall and apparently they close them late at night.  Macau is very similar to Hong Kong, they drive on the wrong side of the road, cars have steering wheels on the wrong side, and they do not take Chinese money but will take Hong Kong money… they also have there own currency.  We walk back to the Holiday Inn, which was very nice though the room was tiny, and spend most of the night talking.  This is a very special night as we both realize we are falling in love with each other.  I am now wishing I have more time to spend in China.

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