Winter is here

Up here in Wisconsin we got our first two days of snow this week…. can’t believe it is that time again!  Time to get ready for 4 months of cold, snow, ice, and bitter winds.  The sun is out today and it is above freezing so the little dusting of snow we got has all melted now.  It seems too long ago I was in Guangzhou where it was sunny, hazy, and 85 to 90…. I miss that.  And more importantly I miss the company of my lovely hostess there too.
So this winter I am trying something a little different.  I will be studying and trying my best to get into the Chinese work force and to Shanghai for work.  I have picked up Chinese langiage CDs, books, and even a writing book… for later.  I am also going to study and finally talke my A+, Network+, and maybe my MCSE core exams.  I think I may also take a second job to make some money for moving.  I can not take all I own to China so most will have to be placed in storage, and the rest sold because I never really use it anyway.  I have too much stuff! 
I will continue to write entries as before, I was taking a break because I am the only one in the office who can do my job and the work was backed up since I went of vacation.  Oh and two more people left, throwning morale further into the abyss (one was a manager!  And is not getting replaced!!!).  I have a few topics in mind but please be patient.  My feelings, heart, and most of my mind are else where lately…. I am in love and trying everything I can to get to Shanghai as soon as possible to start a new and wonderful life.  Even if that happens tomorrow, could I be so lucky, I will continue to post thought provoking and interesting topics here for everyones enjoyment and some updates about me… because it is my site, lol.
I have to clean my apartment up and start getting things I don’t need into storage for a spring yard sale, big happenings up here in Wisconsin!  I hope the weather people and NOAA are right and this is a mild winter.  Of course with two record breaking profit quarters in a row for the oil companies… and gas falling to its lowest prices in almost a year… home heating costs better not go up the expected 60 % to 70% promised on the news back in August and September!!!!  I hope the oil companies and the news media pay attention and keep things fair and honest.  Ok before I get irate about the fair and honest thing in the media I will sign off and wish you all a safe and warm winter.  Remember it is just another phase of our lives and makes the warmth of spring and summer more enjoyable!
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