Happy Thanksgiving to all!
We had our first real snow fall of the year yesterday, check my new photos.  I was invited to a friends house which was nice.  My Lions lost, Badly!  My fantasy team is on a two week losing streak and it looks like I am going out in the firs round.  But, hey this is a day of thanks right!
Remember today is a day to reflect on the past year and count you blessings.  There are many less fortunate they you, especially if you are reading this for this means you have a roof over your head, electricity, a computer, or are in a warm coffee shop with a laptop or money to rent a PC and drink coffee in a warm place.  Having a shelter, food, friends, and some creature comforts is more then many here have, after the hurricanes of this summer.
As we pass out after our tripopan laced turkey meals remember there are many homeless sleeping in shelters, alleyways and overpasses this very night.  As we are waiting for the motor club to come and jump start our cars know there are many without cell phones, cars, or motorclubs.  We are the new breed, the internet citizens.  Citizens of a borderless world, where ideas and opinions flow as free as the air currents above the tree tops.  We are the ones who are on the front edge of a new era of the internet, the blogshpere.  Give thanks for all the simple things we take for granted like dishwashers, massaging lazyboys, and sonic toothbrushes many Africans and Amazon Indians have never dreamed of.  Count you blessings and give thanks for them, for those who do not appricate what it is they have, do not deserve to have it. 
This holiday season, no matter your faith, sex, ethnic group, or belief… share what you can do without to those who need it.  When at the grocer, buy a few extra cans of chili and put them in the food shelter bin.  Give money to the bell ringers at the department store entrace, you know that $3 is nothing really much to you.  Donate a morning at a local soup kitchen, or reading at the children’s hospital, or give a homeless man on the corner a warm cup of coffee or coco.  Realize this…. if you were in their shoes wouldn’t it be nice if someone helped you out, even if you did not know who or whare the help came from?  Donate some old clothes to a local church, salvation army, red cross, any place that will give it to someone in need this winter season.  Together we can make a difference in someones live this winter, giving them one thing more to be thankful for then they had yesterday.
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3 Responses to Thanksgiving

  1. Sarah says:

    Well said!! Both this…and the fear. I find myself always agreeing with you, wondering at how similar I think to you often. I\’m very glad I discovere dyour blog!

  2. schcrochet says:

    Happy 2 days after Thanksgiving to you Johnny. I was very moved as I read your Thanksgiving post. Those of who have do indeed have responsibility to help those that don\’t. I try to do many of things you mentioned, but felt quilty when I read your note about the bell ringers. I\’ve not done well in that department; but have made a mental note to do better…starting NOW.Single and looking, sounds like you have a lot to give and share with someone. I hope you find someone.Enjoyed seeing your pictures, some very nice shots. Detroit sports teams listed, so assume that was home for you at some point? Living in Ohio\’s capital city, OSU football is my big sport, though used to love to watch hockey. We had an IHL team for many years that my husband and I had season tickets for. Miss that. We occassionally go watch The Blue Jackets, but I really don\’t like the hype now surrounding these teams, nor the expense.I\’m new to blogging and so like to visit other sites to try and learn how to do things. Please stop by mine and leave a note, offer a suggestion (I\’m not very techy, but love to learn). From what I\’ve seen thus far, I tend to be older than most bloggers…guess thats why I need to learn so much. (and why it takes a while no doubt). My site currently is focusing on one of my passions, my needle work (knitting and crocheting). See what you think, vote for your favorites.

  3. rubber says:

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