Took a survey, try ot out it may be fun

Took a quick survey I saw on a fellow blogger’s site;

I always find these things interesting, and sometimes they are very close to being true.  So if you would like to try it, go ahead, it is short and fun to read the results.  Who knew my spirit is on a journey, for knowledge, experiences, and life?  Just when you think it is over a new journey presents its self, I seem destined to end up in heaven with a suitcase filled with stickers from destinations for all over the place, both physical and metaphysical.  Hope to see you all along the way, and enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee!



The Journy
You reflect the journey of the spirit. The journy
of life as we grow, learn, face our everyday
trials. You strive to accomplish tasks and rise
above. This is where your spirit finds its
strengths. Your journy is sure to have a happy
ending, in whatever small form it my come.

Please rate high 😉

Reflections of the Spirit?
brought to you by Quizilla

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3 Responses to Took a survey, try ot out it may be fun

  1. Sarah says:

    Cool!!! You got a good one!! 😀 I love the quizzes that are well through out, and always seem to hit you perfectly.

  2. Erika says:

    I took this and i hadYou reflect the wisdom of the spirit. You shine as a wise and anicent sage who values intellect among the most. Your spirit brings guidence to those around you. You have accomplished your strength with age and time. Don\’t let your wise advice go to waste. Share it with all who are willing to listen.

  3. mary says:

    HelloI love ur thinking, especially the one on the journey. U know I believe it is during times of trials and tribulations that we are most enlightened. Ur native breeding must be such a blessing for u. Ur blog is so reflective: knowledgable and wise.I was soaked in the Irish culture and so I can relate to the wisdom of the sages and ages. Stay inspired!Can I share ur thoughts on the journey, via my blog, with friends! Feel free to visit mine and hope u can find something that enables u to grow in ur path.Take care.Mares

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