Fantacy Football – Week 13 Reacap, Week 1 of playoffs Review

Well, the bracket is set now, and my 8-5 Kamikazes, tied in the West Division lead behind the 8-5 This TeamSucks (who own the tie breaker over me) are going up against the powerhouses of the Eastern Division, 10-3 Giants and the 9-4Scrubs (owned by my best friend!!!).  And the brackets look like this…. Game 1, bracket 1, me against the league jugernaunt the GIANTS!  this is a team with 989 points scored so far, with a win streak of 5 games, and some of the best consistant players in the league.  Then there is loley ole me, with 978 points for the season and after dropping 3 in a row, was able to pull one win off… and with spotty players at best. 
Thats right boys and girls, it does no look good for the away team!  On the flip side, my friends team the Scrubs, has exploded in the past 4 games and has scored a scoarching 1054 points, #2 in the league, and had a 4 game win streak halted last week by a very close game.  His opponent, my rival now, is the division leader with 988 points and I happened to be the next to last victum in a 4 game win streak.  Good match up.
I must admit I am nervous.  My first go and I am in the playoffs, and against the most winning team in the league.  However on papaer we seem very evenly matched, but performance wise, no contest.  I need this week to be a breakout week for my guys and a flop for his!  Without further adu:
QB M Brunell of the Redskins, playing the Cardnials          Ranked #13
RB L Johnson of the Chiefs, playing the Cowboys                             6
RB S Jackson of the Rams, playing the Vikings                               11
WR L Fitzgerald of the Cardnials, playing the Redskins                      4
WR J Jurevicius of the Seahawks, playing the 49ers                        26
TE A Gates of the Chargers, playing the Dolphins                             1
D  The Bengals, playing the Browns                                                9
K  S Graham of the Bengals, playing the Browns (#2 kicker used due to matchup)  4
My Opponent:
QB M Hasselbeck of the Seahawks, playing the 49ers     Ranked #8
RB C Taylor of the Ravens, playing the Broncos                         44
RB T Barber of the Giants, playing the Eagles                              4
WR C Johnson of the Bengals, playing the Browns                        2
WR L Coles of the Jets, playing the Raiders                                39
TE J Shockey of the Giants, playing the Eagles                             2
D  Giants, playing the Eagles (who were shut out last week!)         3
K  R Bironas of the Titans, playing the Oilers                              12
There are still trades and waivers pending so time will tell if these two line ups will be the final ones!  Time will tell.  Average points favor my line up, but the real world matchups favor the Giants.  I need luck to take this one, and make it into week two of the playoffs with a shot at the big game!
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