Many Apologizes

Well, I am not dead, nor hibernating, but instead have been burning the candle at both ends and then some.  Holidays were way more busy then expected, and as a result I have let this one part of my life slip!  Sorry to all the readers out there who most likely have abondoned my blog for lack of my ability to find an hour here or there to write anything!  Well short story short it goes like this:
Birthday, Christmas shopping, supper agressive job hunting, moving and relocation research, getting in touch with old friends, Christmas, New Years, friends family and their drama, fishing in sleet, watching trees bud and hearing thunder and seeing lightning in January, getting the new position, car breaking down, packing, now rethinking moving and looking into moving my love here instead, researching HR jobs in Chicago and Milwaukee, discovering all the paperwork involved in getting one of us to the other’s place… no easy solution on the horizon… c’est la vive!
I had a good Christmas, great New Years, and despite being 8,000 miles from the one I love ok with things the way they are.  This promises to be an interesting year indeed.  I have not forgotten anyone, as the numerous holiday cards, and ecards indicate.  I will continue my serises on motivation, get back to studying Chinese, work on keeping a cleaner apartment, call my mom more often, and force myself to at least take an hour every few days to get something out here in the blogsphere.  For those still droping by in hopes there will be something new here, well…. here it is.
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3 Responses to Many Apologizes

  1. Sarah says:

    Busy, busy busy!!!!!!!!!!!!So you are thinking for job reasons having her move to the US?

  2. Cordelia says:

    I\’ve been through the bureaucratic red tape of international relationships….and it is no fun at all. All the paperwork, fees, waiting, ugh! (To date I have paid about $1000 in visa fees, plus plane fares to get to British embassies so the paperwork could be filed) Although, for me it was easier to go to the UK than for the other person to come to the USA….but I don\’t know what China is like! Glad to see your back to blogging…was starting to wonder if your Coco had distracted you completely! Good luck with everything you\’re working on!

  3. Mawe says:

    cool space!!!espero q cumplas tus propositos, solo se necesita un poco de voluntad…take care…

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