Well, better late then never

Time flyes no doubt, but that offers little if any excuses.  I have jotted down some ideas and such over the past few weeks.  Now for one thing I have to mention.  At the biginning of this month I went ahead and got myself married.   Some will say this is too soon and not well thought out, but if I am to move 7,700 miles into a country where I do not know how to speak or read the language, the cultural norms or taboos, and a whole new career in a field I know very little if anything about… well after doing all this getting married is only logically, for if not what am I doing here?  I am a big boy and know what I am doing, and life is not long enough to just play around with concepts and ideas like toys.  Anything worth doing is worth the risk.  I am serious about doing this thing right so getting married to a wonderful woman is the only thing that I could do.  The only way to make a change is to get off the couch and open the door and then walk through it.  So we will see how all this all pans out, life is about change and grown, if you stay where you are and try nothing new what will that lead too?   I am going to post quite a few articles and pictures so there is quite a bit of catching up to do, the only way to do that is to start at the beginning and work up to the now, which will take a week at least!
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