Rainy Mondays

Today is an impressively gray Monday.  I am not speaking in the figurative sense either.  The company I work for is in the center of Shanghai, though the building is not the tallest it is of decent size.  We are on the 23rd floor with our work area on one of the corners.  The web design team has the actual corner, and my desk is against drywall, but over my shoulder and behind me is a terrific view of south and west Shanghai, for as far as the smog allows.  I just came back from lunch and am trying to get all the project details for a newsletter, website and new website proposal that is huge… needless to say I am needing a little inspiration after the lunch break and before my newsletter meeting with the client.


Outside the window visibility is about half a mile at best.  The florescent lights are reflecting off the windows but you can tell it looks more like 8:00 PM instead of 2:00 PM.  Back home that is an indication of tornadoes; they do not have them in Shanghai.  Instead we have a large dark rain cloud sitting on top of the building.  It seems strange is would be so gray and rainy today when both days this weekend were sunny and clear.  But that just goes to show… Mondays are the same half way across the planet.  Hopefully all the rain and humidity will clean up the streets, sidewalks, and air a bit.  Well, I have to get back and fill in the resource portions of my Gantt chart and looking outside it is a bit brighter, visibility is less as all the buildings that are gray have faded into the background, but it now only looks like dusk out and not nightfall.  Just a momentary pause in the day.


Well the day is done now, I am at home and as I paste this into this little block here I have to add a line or two.  First off is the weather report calls for this repeat of today for all week with some clearing on the weekends.  The second is that life always loves to throw you curve balls.  A beautiful weekend followed by a gloomy week.  Miami convinced they would be facing LaBrone James in the Eastern Conference finals… not a determined and more dominate Pistons squad, back to the drawing boards for an offensive scheme.  A newly elected Palestinian government steps back onto a road of peace and stability only to end up in in-fighting and private bickering and political fueding with guns and bombs.  Iran getting poo pooed by China and Germany on its nuclear ambitions (after being promised help by both only 6 months ago)

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