Long Live Rock!

I was cruising through Amizon today, updating my profile and shipping information, registring some gifts, etc (you know they can ship to China and for just a bit more then shipping in the states?!!!!!)  Well, to my suprise when I clicked on My Recomendations (haven’t been to Amazon since I moved out of my apartment in the states) I noticed a NEW album from Rhino Bucket!!!!!  And Then It Got Ugly Wow, was I suprised!!!  I love this group!  Yea, yea, they sould like AC/DC clones but in this age of whinny, unimaginative, brooding, meloncholy metal these guys came out with something new and I bet is just as pure and solid guitar driven rock as all their past albums!  I hope I will be as pleasantly suprised as I was with The System Has Failed by Megadeath!  I miss old rock and kick ass roll, and being in Shanghai it will be a real treat to listen to something fresh yet familiar again!  I can’t wait for the mail dude to show up…. in 3 to 4 weeks…. aggggg, at least it will be here, and for less then you think in shipping!
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One Response to Long Live Rock!

  1. Sarah says:

    Two things!! First… a GREAT place to get the latest music… and older too. Very inexpensivly. For $10, I get about 120-150 music tracks…
    Next… the days of the week there sound strange…?

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