News and Announcement

As if life in Shanghai was not busy enough there comes a new development.  My wife and I are expecting.  After a little deliberation and discussion she has convinced me to let everyone know the news.  So far she is still in the first trimester and both of us are really excited.  It seems the year of the dog is a bit luckier then either of us planned.  To shed a little light into all of this, I was born in the year of the dog some time back now.  Year of the dog is considered very lucky and auspicious in Chinese astrology, dogs for that matter are considered lucky, loyal, and bearers of wealth and good fortune.  This past year many people held off on their weddings until this year as it is more lucky to get married in a dog year.  It also needs to be mentioned that our child will be born at the tail end of the current dog year also (no pun intended there).  Now I am uncertain as to the harmony of have 2 dog year people in one house.  I am a Sagittarius by western astrology and the child will be Aquarius… I think anyway…  So as blogging life goes there is much more to discuss now as I will be beginning a new chapter, that of fatherhood.  There are many interesting and new things ahead as not only will this child change my outlook, views, and approach to many things, it will also be a truly international child born during the upswing of globalization and the blur or internationalism.  2006 is definitely a year of change and growth as I have been involved in more changes during this year then any other I have previously had.  Many interesting times are ahead and I look forward to them all, as the only way to grow is through challenge, and if you do not grow you only sit there and watch life go by…  I am not much for sitting and watching things go by (unless its Sumerfest and a hot June day by the lake – This is a plug for Sumerfest in Milwaukee the end of June to the beginning of July by the way, World’s Largest Outdoor Music Festival – You have to go see to believe!)  We will see what new adventures unfold in the coming months as I am sure there will be many!

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2 Responses to News and Announcement

  1. Cordelia says:

    Congrats…I totally missed that you were even getting married! I must have been asleep…or you didn\’t tell us!

  2. Unknown says:

    Congrats to you! How very exciting for the both of you!  You are truly entering a whole new world when you cross the threshold in to parenthood. I wish you both the best – and be safe.

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