Today is the 1 year annversary of the Bravo Blog.  Ok my archives go back further but on June 30th I erased all the previous junk and started over with a new focus and dedication.  Now I know I haven’t been as deligent as I wanted but I am still here and still blogging and at lease no more then 10 days goes by without something new. For those who have been here since the beginning, thank you for being there, reading, and voicing your thoughts and insights. 
Thanks to the new readers, family, freinds, and just those dropping by.  I will leave something longer and more interesting later, life here is always in the fast lane, but it should be worth it.  There is a new blogging thing coming to MSN and it should prove interesting.  I hope everyone has enjoyed the blog over the past year, my insights, life stories, and just silly nonsence I publish.  so far I have had 6071 hits in a year and I hope to grow that.  Thanks again and I hope to see your comments and web tracks again in the coming year.
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