Quick Note

It’s Sunday morning here, I woke up, cleaned the floors in every room, tested the satellite’s reception in the rain, it has been lightly raining since early this morning, and straightened up a few things.  As you may imagine the phone and ADSL are up and running and everything seems to be normal…
I had Coco relax this morning for obvious reasons.  Sent out a monthly newsletter to all my friends back state-side, decided to go with a newsletter over borning email, so far the response is positive.  I got the idea from work in trying to figure out the best way to mass email a newsletter from within Outlook 2003.  The fix was simple and I will share it soon, I promise. 
We are off to see Superman early this afternoon, then buy dinner for a co-worker and friend of Coco’s for her birthday.  We also need to do some quick shopping and stuff.  Today is a good day to stay at home, but there will be plenty of times to do that in a few months.
Speaking of which..  Coco had her first ultrasound Friday and everything looks ok and normal, doctors said everything is healthy and looking good, an active baby for only being 3 months old too!  Well, I have to run but will hope to get something else out tonight.
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