Just when you thought it was safe to watch some pokemon…

I have been told this would be a bad time to let my politics show as more
and more eyes are on me, and not just people looking at blogs either. But
some things I can not leave alone. I was actually thinking of writing a
number of things on other topics when I came across this one in the news
section. http://tv.msn.com/tv/article.aspx?news=230483&GT1=7703 Now we all
know cartoons can stunt creativity and make children, and some adults,
resemble zombies (complete with gaping mouths and drool dripping out).
This decision is a bad move for only one real reason. It stunts the
competitive nature and spirit of the arts and entertainment industry. By
trying to produce art in a vacuum you end up with something less dense then
cotton candy. Competition is what separates the junk and ordinary from the
quality. Isolating an arts industry is not a good answer, it is similar to
the quantity verses quality argument, just because there is more of it does
not mean any of it will be good.
There are far more dangerous things in the world then quality cartoons. If
the government is really that scared of them then they need to study them,
find out what makes them good, likable, and quality. Discover these
elements, discover the formula, then adapt it to suit your own needs. There
is a reason local cartoons are at the bottom of the ratings list, and over
saturating the market does not mean the trend will reverse. Being scared of
competition is a sign of fear and weakness, things take time, no matter how
many laws, money, people you throw at a problem, it will only be solved when
its time to be solved.

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6 Responses to Just when you thought it was safe to watch some pokemon…

  1. Zeynep says:


  2. look out fer wolfs on da interweb says:

    take a look at what walt disney and dr. suses did for the u.s.government in ww2 with propaganda and training cartoons
    i\’ve been noticeing alot of scary sibliminal and hypnotic cartoons lately along with some video games like gta3 and postal
    please excuse the spelling and have a nice day

  3. look out fer wolfs on da interweb says:

    one more thing disney has been busted 3 or 4 seprate times for puting hidden sibliminal measages in movie cartoons
    lion king and aladin to name 2 of them

  4. John says:

    You are correct with the Disney point.  Let me say this about Disney… and anyone who saw Dogma will know what is coming… Walt Disney studios is responsible for dissillussioning and causing confiussuion in so many western kids it isn\’t funny.  Not going into the Uncle Walt and morphene thing, or the just mentioned Lion King thing, I believe Disney is a close to evil as a company can get.  They have extended the copyright expirations on 3 occassions now, so they can keep Mickey and Donald\’s royalities inhouse for many decased to come (thus dissallowing other works from crossing into the public and fair use domain well beyond the death of the creator).  They employ tactics that would make Castro shake his head with wonderment at their theme parks, and they have killed the illustrated film industry in America with their monoploy and strong arm tactics.  But they are good at creating stories because they know the formula, heck they wrote the formula!  China can not simply ignore them and hope Disney will go away or they can finally match up against them unless they can fairly compete against them.  That is what this is about, fair competition.  In nature it is called the law of the jungle, only the strong survive, or survival of the fittest.  Fair competition weeds the weak from the strong.  China can produce high quality films and even cartoons, but only if they are pushed to be innovative, creative, and ground breaking in some way to capture the auidance.  This is a shame because who understands Chinese people better then Chinese people? 

  5. Cindy says:

    Hi Johnny!
    I too was in Beijing the same time you were.  The place is amazing!  LOVE the photos!
    I also went to Shanghai the last week of my visit as well.  Your wife is beutiful.  Congratulations!  🙂
    We\’ll have to stay in touch, then I can say I know someone in Shanghai!  Hee! Hee!

  6. christine says:

    You made me very homesick. I was born and raised in Shanghai. I came to New York for college 4 years ago. I\’ve been woriking in NYC for one year,  and I\’m planning to go back to Shanghai.  I love  SH!

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