Welcome Message…

Greetings and salutations!

I woke up Tuesday morning, on this side of the Pacific, to notice I am a featured site. Thanks to the editors who believed my site worthy. There are a few things I need to explain about the site:

1) The archives only go back to June 2005, I wiped out everything before that in June 2005 because it was not very good stuff.

2) The pictures do more justice to the places and people I have met along the way then simple words can.

3) When I write my attention to detail gets in the way, so sorry if some posts seem long winded… blame the US Navy for that.

4) I am very politically minded and opinionated; I voice my views and opinions on a wide variety of subjects. I know I am not 100% right on anything nor am I 100% wrong, discussion on any topic is the only way to settle it to peoples satisfaction, I want people to think and explore different positions and opportunities to satisfy themselves and believe in what they are doing. We are not sheep!

As with friends who have been featured in MSN Spaces I will get this out of the way first and fast.

There are rules we all have to live by:

A) If any posts here unjustly attack or demean anyone for any reason I reserve the right to delete it.

B) Play nice and not mean and this will be enjoyable for everyone.

C) All the content here is mine unless otherwise stated. I believe in intellectual property rights as long as the music industry and the movie industry are not involved; if you want to use it just ask.

Have fun, this site offers many different things, the older is the better, like a wine, so explore and enjoy your time here, because if you are not enjoying life… well nuff said.

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6 Responses to Welcome Message…

  1. Nooner™ says:

    Hi Johnny,
    Congrats on being featured as a Best of Spaces nominee this week! Glad to see a site highlighted with some foreign flavor. Here\’s wishing you well overseas.

  2. Amanda says:

    Yeah, I was ambling aimlessly on MSN SPACE and saw the Best of Spaces nominees.
    Great we are having one from inside China…well, I mean, at least it TALKS about Shanghai…
    I am from Nanjing. LOL.
    Ever been here?

  3. Connie says:

    I go thru my old blogs and delete them all the time.  I think….why waste computer memory on some of that.  Or I will write something and then go back and delete it after a few days.  For instance I just made a video of me reading a poem that my son brought home from school.  It was called SHY.  It was about a girl that everyone called shy because she didn\’t want to say things to people.  But in reality she just didn\’t say stuff because she didn\’t feel the need too.  Well someone saw it and made a comment "Are you stoned?"   I have never been stoned in my life, so I deleted it.  I thought that comment was hurtful.  If people can\’t come on and be nice and not negative, they should just leave their negativity to themselves.

  4. Colleen says:

    Congrats to you also. It was a total surprise to me when they wanted to feature me. I have only had my space since Feb. and started it on a whim. Thought many times of ending it and now I\’m just overwhelmed! Ha!
    I will have to come back and explore yours another time. So much to read and look at.
    Thanks again,

  5. David says:

    As an American, I have also experienced what you are going through. I like your blog. But, let me make a non-personal comment on your rules. For me, I like these rules because they are needed to maintain a decent and civil system. However, I would like to remind our American folks, when similar rules are made by the Chinese or any countries that we don’t like, they are often called censorship by us. It has become too obvious that Americans don\’t like to follow rules set by other counties, so we call them censorship because they often are restricting our freedom to do whatever we like. But, they must follow our rules and ours are never called censorship because they are simply our rules.  Think about it; this is where potential conflicts can occur. Today, we are in a lot of conflicts with other countries, rightly or not. Thanks Johnny for allowing me to make this general comment.

  6. Bobby says:

      I enjoyed your blog ,I find it to very interesting, you shoot some pretty good picture\’s , I aspecialy liked the ivory carvings  , I do some photography my self , mostly back country stuf , out of the way places that are off the beaten path so to speak ,feel free  to check out my blog.  I have a project that I am currently doing some research for, involving high speed , high performance sail boats , if you should happen to post a picture of a fast sail boat from over there I would be interested in seeing it , I plan to start building a scaled down radio controled model of my own design some time this comming year  the design will be a blend of boat features from all over the world, cross my fingers it actualy works.

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