France Cuts and Runs faster then Kerry in the 2004 campaign!

News Break  News Break  News Break
Just as I was getting ready for bed I breazed by my only reliable source
for news, Google News (through a series of proxies so it isn’t watered down) and
I came across a headline I have to talk about.  From I saw the
following article:

UN deployment in trouble after France gets cold feet
Allan Woods, CanWest New Service

Published: Friday, August 18,

I am chosing this as my reference point because this is the most pro-French
country in North America and because the NY Times and Washington Post have
questionable research departments.
In the article it discusses how France ‘led the charge’ of the
international community to stop the fighting in its former colony of Lebanon. 
This is ok, I do not agree the French were as anti-Isreal as it states but that
is beside the point.  Of the 15,000 international peace keepers the French were
‘expected’ to contribute 4,000.  Well, today they showed they should change
their flag to include much more yellow and much less white and red as our flag and revolution inspired them.  (White is
for purity and red for valor

Now of the 1/10 of the soldiers France is sending, 200 currently in place observers and 200 additional CIVIL ENGINEERS all led by a general retiring from service in February 2008 this sounds more like a weak token then any kind of leading effort by a leading nation determined to keep and maintain any kind of peace in the region.  This is a political joke at its worst!  France has been so critical of the US and our allies and stating our heavy handed and war hawk tactics were divisive and too rash.  They led the world in the outcry of this Isreal Hezbollah war and have done so much to broker and secure a cease fire but are unwilling to put the boots on the ground when its time to call and throw down! 

What type of reputation do they expect to get from this.  Talk amungst the news agencies cries foul and states international support for this cease fire may dissolve faster then France’s military currency in this matter.  The UN is politics at its worst when trying to stop any one from doing anything…  Remember my previous posts about Dufar, Bosnia, Somalia, etc.  Well not that anyone expected the French to do any better then the UN at least 4,000 troops is a sizable force and sends a strong message to everyone.  Sending 400 sends an even bolder message, and it ain’t pretty.  While the US has a reputation as a bully and intimidator globally, France is on the fast track as being seen as a nation of wimps, cowards, and talkers unwilling to get their hands dirty.  This is the preception after all the out cry on both Iraq wars, Afghanistan, African problems, and now this.  The proof is in the pudding so the saying goes and this pudding seems to be all fluff.

Now the scarry thing is from a Chinese point of view this little SCO thing that happened here a few months back (sparking my Beijing trips as I was warned to get out of Dodge) showed a new alignment in the international community.  A rouge faction of nations from Russia and most of the stans to you know who and excluding Japan all brokered huge deals with India, Iran, Syria, and so on and such that oil and resources are guarenteed for 10 years…. notice their lack of presence in all of this…. Make you wonder if that smell in the kitchen is what it smells like it could be.  The old powers are failing their reputations and the US and the UK have lost their credibility so that only leaves a vacuum in the international influence market.  France has let more then the Middle East down by their lack of follow through, they have let Western Civilization down and may very well have begun the swing of balance and power away from the old stewards and superpowers to a new lot that all have less then 20 years experience in governing themselves in their current form much less playing international cop.  Good job France, peace would be better served if you had just air lifted in 4,000 tons of wine, cheese, and crackers!

we now return you to your regularly scheduled program…  already in progress….

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6 Responses to France Cuts and Runs faster then Kerry in the 2004 campaign!

  1. Wen Chen says:

    johhny,by the way ,your eyes looks kindhearted~

  2. Zeynep says:

    Thanks for feed back.
    Come back anytime.

  3. Michelle says:

    I found your space through the Best Of MSN.  I have enjoyed what I have been reading here.  I have always wanted to visit China and Japan. I will be back to read more. 

  4. Wen Chen says:

      As decelongt,we did pain something that we used to have.City bacame smogy and there are more pollution than before.  Althogh I domiss modern Shanghai sometims,I found the nature here is so near to me.The stars in the sky makes me think of my fantastic childhood.  Anyway,the world is a big family,wherever ur skin colour and wherever u born.  (sorry about my english but hope it easy to be understood)

  5. Wen Chen says:

    As developing

  6. K.T. says:

    Congratulations on being featured by MSN, and the baby you & Coco are expecting.  I read with interest your entire China story.  We have a bit in common, from Wisconsin people to getting married in China.   After being featured by MSN in Aug/05, I received at least 20 emails from women from China. Many just wanted to learn English.  I corresponded with a few.  Too make a long story short, I flew to China and married Yu Yi on 2/20.  We have both filed the necessary paperwork, and today her Visa was approved.   All of the paperwork will now be sent to China, and I\’m hoping she will be here by the end of the year.  I had a great time in Guangshou where she lives, and also a side trip to Beijing, in the 2 weeks I was there.
    One rule I will have to get used to:  I MUST take a shower at night time…….or I\’ll be sleeping on the couch.  lol
    Good luck in China

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