One last week of summer

Shanghai is beginning to cool off now.  It is mid August and the breeze feel good.  The weekend was pretty uneventful and very relaxing.  I have added photos to the latest album so if interested check it out.  This past week has been beyond my thoughts and expectations when I started blogging last year.  I have went from philosophy, to big oil bashing, to current affairs, to my move and new life and adventures in Shanghai and China, and now to a combination of all these.  I have enjoyed all the kind comments and stories and everyone sharing as they did.  An overwhelming majority of all the posts and emails were positive and thank you to all those who took the time to express your views and comments on my job at sharing a part of my life.  I have tried to answer all the comments and email, if I haven’t I am sorry as the one thing we humans always run short of and can never replace of is time.  I would especially like to thank those who disagreed with me and I want them to know that I did not remove any of their comments, because that would be censorship, and despite how I may offend with my words or portrayals of China if I were to delete the negative I would be no better then the press here, and that is not what American or freedom stands for.
I hope the thousands who did not leave any comments enjoyed seeing China through my eyes.  I am not a typical observer as I was not raised in a typical fashion, but since the 1950’s who really was?  As my site gets rotated off of the weekly short list and onto the longer achieve list I hope it will continue to offer a vehicle of understanding between two cultures.  Americans to see that modern China is nothing like what we have seen or heard of from old books and movies but a modern and robust mixture of old and new hungry for participating on the world stage, and Chinese to see that Americans are not all greedy, arrogant, and demanding people only out to make money at others expenses.  In the Navy we were always told that when we were ashore out in town we were the true ambassadors to our country and culture.  To the thousands of people like me, the expat community, we are not only telling our family and friends what real modern China is like, but the people we talk to and see everyday do the same about us to their friends and families.  This speeds the understanding and goodwill between peoples and offers more toward understanding then any group of policies and programs any government can do.
China is a very fascinating place.  It is a very large place (roughly the same size as America).  China is a very diverse place, culturally, language wise, and ethnic wise as well.  Most Americans seldom get out the region or state they were born in, and the same is true for many Chinese.  I wish I could venture out and see all of China and tell the world what it is really like, but I wish I could do that in America too.  Just remember all we can offer is a small windows view to what we can see, and you can never see the whole horizon from one window.  The biggest thing to take away from all this is that despite all the differences in language, politics, and such we are the same, we all laugh at joke, are concerned over wrong doings, take pride in our countries achievements, fell a connection with the world around us, have the same motivations, fears, and dreams.  China’s theme for the Olympics is ‘One World, One Dream’ and this is not too far from the truth. 
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6 Responses to One last week of summer

  1. april says:

    I recently visited China myself.  I wish more people would take the opportunities to visit these other countries!  Is amazing to see a world of difference but at the same time people like ourselves.  I think that if given the opportunnity visit the other regions and the Great Wall! 

  2. chen says:

    Also look forward to your stories in American\’s every corner.
    You are really a nice guy:)

  3. Tracy says:

    I\’m a Shanghai girl and I\’m really interested in American people,American culture and American dream.Could you tell me more about know it isn\’t everyone have the opportunities go to  another country ,specially America.

  4. David says:

    Wow, even if you live in china, it seems you will always keep your American heart. But now it just open to take in other cultures too! Thats great. When I visit china soon, I sure it will great and wonderful to see.

  5. John says:

    I was born in Shanghai and spent the first five years of my life there.  (I live in Ohio now)  China, especially Shanghai, is a fast-paced, exciting place, despite some troubling concerns it has, and it will play an increasingly greater role in the world in the future.

  6. papagyo says:

    Greetings from Charleston, SC.  I am grateful for you sharing your China experiences.  I am a student of the world and appreciate your colorful and contemporary insight.  Hope it\’s not turning into a monster keeping up with everything since the big exposure through MSN, but I\’m glad I found it.  Very enjoyable.
    Don Pierce

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