A slight scare

This past weekend Coco and I had a slight scare; well real scare is more accurate.  Coco woke up Sunday morning with a headache.  Soon after that she had a fever and just after lunch she kept getting worse so we went to the hospital.  Coco was running a really high fever by this point and the doctors were resistant to treating her with a baby safe medication.  They finally just gave her a large dose of vitamin C in an IV to help cool her down.  That took almost 3 hours.  Coco got cold but felt better so we were told to leave.  

Soon after, around dinner time, she began to feel worse again and the fever came back.  I had Coco call her mother before we went to the hospital the second time, her mother is a retired doctor.  So we went back to the emergency room this time and again the doctors said the only way to fix the problem was to use a stronger medicine that would be hazardous to the baby.  Coco refused the stronger treatment again in favor of keeping the baby safe.  She was admitted into the hospital and given 2 IVs and some Chinese medicine and herbal remedies.  

Around 3 AM the fever broke and started to fall, so they let her go and we came back home.  Coco insisted on sleeping in the guest room and I made her as comfortable as possible.  She took the herbal remedies wrapped up and stayed warm.  Her fever continued to slowly drop and by the time her mother got to our apartment, around 10AM, Coco was beginning to feel a bit better.  I of course took the day off work as it was Monday now and we both rested for an up all night type experience.

Yesterday she continued to feel better and her fever is down to almost nothing, which is good but I am still worried so she is going to see some pediatricians today and tomorrow for second and third opinions on how this affected the baby’s health and development.  Unfortunately 1 of the clinics she went to this morning turned her away because she did not have her baby license with her.  No I am serious, in China if you do not have a license to have a child you are refused health care access.  Actually, if you do not pay before going to see the doctor you are refused access.  The whole ordeal was pay here and go there, for 3 or 4 times before Coco actually got any treatment.  Pay for medication before the doctor will administer it.  Pay for the tests before you take them.  Now the fees are cheap but the system is much less efficient then anything I have experienced before, from US civilian to US military to European hospitals.  I will discuss the state of the hospitals later on, along with some other observations on the medical system here.

For now all seems well, and I hope this episode did not have any adverse affects on the baby.  As to what caused this to happen, well seeing I did not get sick I am ruling out a cold or flu strain.  The doctors told her something in Chinese which translates to a bug in her stomach, but not a worm or parasite, so I am thinking it was food poisoning.  Her and I have discussed what she can and can not do in the past and I have told her eating snails was not a good idea, she had some on Friday at a work luncheon, so I am thinking that the 2 or 3 snails she had must have caused this.  Of course that is just my opinion and I am not a doctor.  Later today we will get the first series of reports back on how well the baby is after all this.

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3 Responses to A slight scare

  1. Black says:

    frankly spearking that many hospitals and clinics now are not such responsible as they should. and it is VERY bad to pay everywhere be4 u c the doctor, many doctors they only know to presuade patients to buy medicines as many as possible, they dont seem to care anything on his patients. oops !

  2. MICHELLE says:

    Hello, I have really enjoyed reading your journal and find it very interesting your experience their compared to the United States,  Sorry to hear about CoCo —Makes things even worse with all the rules over their….the license thing was really shocking to hear about—-Hang in there !

  3. Christopher says:

    I was just reading an article that on the Shanghai Daily about Apple Snails  Sounds as if they can cause Parasitic meningitis and they are a frequent delicacy in China.  If your wife ate some less than cooked snails maybe this is what she came down with.  Moral of this story make sure you cook those snails before eating them.  Or something like that anyways.

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