Not out of the woods yet

Last Sunday Coco, my wife, came down with a bacilli infection in her lower intestine.  This bacillus is any rod-shaped bacterium or, more particularly, a rod-shaped bacterium of the genus Bacillus.  A rod-shaped gram-positive usually aerobic bacteria producing endospores and including many saprophytes and some parasites.  This Bacillus is found in soil, water, decaying biomaterial, and it fairly resistant to many things.  Diseases often caused by Bacilli include tuberculosis, whooping cough, and diphtheria.  With that said, it seems the wife ate a snail that had some infected dirt on it and was not cooked properly and this has caused her problems.  Wednesday Coco was much better and went to see a obstetrician to make sure all the medication and stress and fever did not do any damage.  Everything checked out fine and Thursday she was seeking a second opinion just to be on the safe side.  This too checked out ok.  All seemed well.

Last night Coco felt a bit warm and stated she was still sweating from the herbs the doctors and her mother had given her and insisted she did not have a fever.  She did have a headache though and it got worse in the morning.  On the way to work, Coco decided to go to work on Monday to take care of a weeks worth of backlogged HR hiring items, she was not feeling well and ended up going home just before lunch.  She has had a headache all day and I have to check on things this afternoon when I get home.

Her mother is here to help out and to ensure everything goes ok, her mother is a retired doctor.  She was scheduled to go home on Saturday but now who knows.  It seems we may have to go back to the hospital as I suspect she will have a fever soon.  It seems a complete relapse has happened and seeing the nature of what we are dealing with and where it is located it is hard to determine how well we can treat this effectively and safely for the both Coco and the baby.  We will see….

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5 Responses to Not out of the woods yet

  1. Unknown says:

    I know we Chinese eat a lot of "unusual" things…. but I guess it is best to be extra careful when you are pregnant.  Just wanted you to know that my thoughts are with you and your wife, and I am sure she will start to feel better really soon.   Take care. 

  2. christine says:

    Don\’t worry, Chinese medicine has no side effects. Hope you wife feel better soon.

  3. David says:

    hhmm sounds bad. Sorry to hear that. I wish you guys good luck!

  4. Sarah says:

    Poor Coco 😦 Yall are in my thoughts, and I hope that she feels better quickly without anymore relapses. Keep us updated.

  5. Ramon says:

    I just wanted to wish you well with your wife\’s bug. You must really be looking forward to the baby!! Parenthood truly defines us! Best wishes to you and your family from Canada.

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