August gone in a hurry

September is here and August is history. This month has went by
awfully fast for some reason. Between health issues, work, and time to
decompress from it all I seemed to have let by blog, along with the revamping of
my MSN Group space, fall by the wayside. As far as things to discuss I
have begun an article about a Chinese sitcom, but my information was not clear
and I am glad I did not post it prematurely as I wanted to, it deals with the
number of children couples in China can have, the article not the sitcom.

Our web projects at work have turned into the never ending projects and for
the 2 to 3 that were susposed to be done now are stalled in a limbo state as the
clients of the people who contracted us to do these sites are dragging their
feet, more on this later. The company I work for is making some odd moves
and some good moves, it makes you wonder what is really going on some
times. Of course I left corporate American for the adventure and
excietment of working for a smaller company overseas.

Home life is going good, every one is healthy. We got a featal heart
monitor and can now listen to the heart beat of the baby, which is about twice
that of us adults, so that seems pretty cool. Coco’s mom has went back
home after a slightly extended two week visit. We have had two plants die
due to over watering but the others seem to be ok, have to get more plants and
hide all the things used to water them so it won’t happen in the future.

Hopefully I will have the time to complete my one post that has been
stalled for almost 2 weeks now along with a few others I have in my head and at
least 2 to address some issues in the news lately, I have to re-address my
French posting as they now seem to be supplying troops to Lebanon, but Italy
took the lead in the UN effort so I stull stand by my critique of France for
their early handeling of this whole mess. I also would like to give some
views on my home country as requested, but me discribing American and the places
I have been there is different as I grew up in America and see most of the
curious and unique things in the cities and country as normal common
practices. I will try (using a trick from my college creative writing
teacher…. discribing something common to a space alien…. hey it works
ok). So for the new readers be aware I will have some new things up soon,
and some more pictures as this is a new month and a new quota! Posting on
this blog can be sporatic but the good part of that is when I have the time and
energy I can get a few out in a day so it all evens out over the course of a

To those in the states, enjoy your 3 day weekends, remember why you have
Monday off work, for those like me overseas, well there are our host countries
holidays, and in China there is an entire week off just 1 month away!

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One Response to August gone in a hurry

  1. MizAngie says:

    Hey! Came over from the Tuesday Blog. Howdy from Texas. I am definitely enjoying the Labor Day Weekend by not doing any labor at all. Seems kinda ironic, doesn\’t it? So you\’re a Pistons fan, huh? I work in a college athletic department so have met lots of coaches and athletes, and one of the guys I became friends with when he was a young assistant coach at a junior college is now one of the assistant coaches in Detroit. He\’s not one of the sideline coaches but he does coach in practices and he\’s in charge of all the filming. Nice guy. In fact, he\’s hilarious. I wanted to tell you I knew this guy but didn\’t want to seem like a name-dropper so I tried to make you see that I met him when he was a "nobody" so you would know I don\’t think I\’m special just because the guy has worked his way up the ladder. Coco is a neat name for a girl.

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