Talking about – 9/11: Five Years Later –

Ok I just saw this thing ABC is airing, "Path to 9/11" this weekend, Sunday and Monday.  There seems to be a whole lot of controversy surrounding it to, see the below link: Quote  – 9/11: Five Years Later –  This survey (attached to a liberaliy slanted article declaring ABC has purposely and maliciously defamed the Clinton administration) concludes that many people are condemning the mini-series prior to it even airing!  How can you condemn it before it is even in its final version (as offered by ABC as a rebuke)?  I have to agree on this one.  Plus I have to bring up other issues with this and other problems with the such.

First off is the amount of firestorm this seems to be generating among left wing blog sites and news portals.  If the left wing is upset then all I have to say is, remember “Fahrenheit 9/11”?  This piece was portrayed as a documentary, despite getting many facts and even figures wrong… Mr. Moore has a bad habit of doing this since “Roger and Me” and “Bowling for Columbine” so the left really has little to cry foul about as from their perspective this will add a counterweight to their depiction to this whole ‘war on terror’ thing going on now.

Second is the continued presence of a left slanted press that believes it is alright to bash the right, but be up in arms if any harm comes to the left, like the above MSNBC referenced article.  I clearly remember in junior high school being told to write only fair and balanced reports for history and civics classes.  We were not allowed to offer opinion pieces as this was the realm of editorials and not news or fact finding.  Today this due diligence seems to have fallen by the wayside in most of the popular (largely read) news sources and that in turn steers the influence and perception of the people.  News is supposed to be fact giving, editorials are supposed to be opinionated and inflammatory to instigate debate on serious issues, documentaries are to expose all sides of an issue and docudramas are to tell a story with some creative license.  People are too sheepish to tell the differences anymore, part of my long time pet peeve with American society… we seems to just settle for what the flapping heads and popular rags print and tell us as truth, never question, never debate, never

The AP and others are doing the right thing by reporting on the facts and offering balanced views of this controversy.  The AP article that is attached to the MSNBC article that caused my issue with this is pretty good in exposing there are factual issues and some creative license but that the overall effect is worth the effort as it leaves a very positive message in the end.  Better yet is the format and article the Source gives.  This is good in that if offers pro and con write ups along with links to various places so you can investigate the controversy to make up your own mind.  This is my issue at the core… people are allowing others to make up there minds for them.  We are supposed to be an open and free society, yet we take this for granted and take everything at face value without really questioning it as to its point, purpose, validity, integrity, or common sense factor.  This is dangerous and leads to a lemming like atmosphere where mass manipulation can occur and the real power relies in the press and the media, not we the people who ultimately run the government by our power of the vote.

For the right they will love the articles on sites such as Front Page Mag, Rush Limbaugh’s site, etc. etc.  Least we not forget this is not balanced either.  In debate class the most challenging part is taking a point you do not believe in or agree with and argue it and validate it as passionately as you would for one you agreed on.  The realm of debate is to provide supporting facts for your point and to expose erroneous facts, logic, and or views and motives of the other counter point.  The purpose is to sway the audience or make the challenger give up and admit their point is wrong.  So the right is thumping their chest over this issue, the left is crying foul, and those addicted to having their views implanted by their favorite flapping head will take the side they are told to, and this is the real travesty of our free press system.

How can I get so worked up over this issue?  Remember the little survey I mentioned at the beginning of this rant?  Well here are the results as of 9:30 PM Thursday evening ET:
Asked if ABC-Disney went too far and is misleading the American people and should edit out the anti-Clinton portions of the film:
60% said yes, 26% said no, and only 14% said they would make you their minds after viewing the program.  WTF people?  Why are people condemning this work before it is completely finished and aired in its completed and finalized version?  Why are people praising and hailing it as bold and stirring this work before it is completely finished and aired in its completed and finalized version?  Why is only a small portion of the people taking the survey realistic enough to listen to the advanced screeners and then see the film and then make up their minds?  It is funny how the media in this country praises and applauds the likes of Moore, art defaming the Christian faith, taking liberties of the facts when reporting false stories that place the right wing in a bad light, Democratic leaders who abuse their powers or use their stations to avoid criminal acts (Marion Barry, Ted Kennedy, etc.) and scathe or viciously attack anything that counters their perceptions, even works of art, free speech, expressions, etc.

I really want to know why a movie is condemned or lauded before it is even seen!  Many things that were condemned by the flapping heads turned out being ok after all.  I am not saying this film is going to fall into that category, hell it may be so far off base it is a waste of film and talent… or not, and why… because no one has fully seen it yet!  I do not hate liberals, conservatives, or even communists for that matter, as long as everyone has equal access to debate, discuss, and work out any and all issues.  What I do hate is mass manipulation packaged as news and information.  American main stream media has always been involved in this, from the 1700’s to today they have forced their agenda and policies onto us and manipulated our views and thoughts about topics they have no right doing so.  However with that said we have the choice to listen to them or not.  From the response to the survey above it seems most of us have forgotten we have a choise.

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3 Responses to Talking about – 9/11: Five Years Later –

  1. no esta disponible says:

    hello. i would like to add u in my friend list.
     take care!!

  2. D says:

    Hi there… I thought I would check out some Spaces that I haven\’t visited in quite awhile.  Goo Blog.  I agree with you… I don\’t understand why people are condeming the mini series BEFORE they have even seen it.  ?????? Makes you wonder.  It is really kinda funny…. It is usually the LEFT WING propaganda out to make the Bush administration look bad.   I have heard however that ABC has now backed down.  They have taken out 40 minutes of the movie to please the democrates. 
    Can I add your page as a link on my Space as a Blogspot?

  3. Kim says:

    I agree with you 100%.  The "left" as you put it is the first to scream about our first amendment rights being abused if they choose to report on something that might be detrimental to national security, etc.  Yet, now, they\’re screaming for censorship of this program because it makes a Democrat politician look bad.  I just can\’t stand the double standard!!

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