Something in the air

This weekend many things were going on.  As for one everyone who comes by here will notice, I changed my background, as I always do when the seasons change.  It has gotten cooler her and I have been waiting to see if there is an Indian Summer like back home.  So far as I am told it can get hot up to October Holiday, but that is 2 weeks away.  I am also told that the fall and spring here are very short and usually mild. 
Along with the seasons changing something else must be going on.  I saw this because over the course of the weekend I have personally witnessed 2 pretty intense fights.  The first during the Tourism Festival (sorry I did not get any pictures as I was shielding my wife from the fray, but I did get pictures of the festival!).  An older man and younger man started exchanging words after some sort of shoving issue.  There were many people on the sidewalks and a whole bunch of shoving going on.  I don’t know who shoved who and the yelling was in Shanghaiese.  At some point the older man must have said something really bad because the younger one side stepped the older man’s wife and cold clocked him on the cheek.  The wife tried to shove the kid back when her husband, trying to get even, slapped the kid on the top of the head.  From there it was on as the saying goes.  An older wife in the middle of two men going to town with each other.  More accurately the kid was doing most of the fighting while the old man was blocking his fist with his face and neck.  Eventually the older wife was able to get the kid back and he melted into the crowd.  If I were a boxing scorer then it would have been 44 to 12 in favor of the kid.
After the festival we went to my office building to use the bathroom and get a cab.  As we were leaving Coco was paying attention to a newlywed couple still in their wedding attire and I was also looking at what she was commenting on and we never say this old lady coming.  She was less then 4 foot 6 for sure as her shoulder came up to only Coco’s rib cage.  Coco and her hit head on, more like her shoulder and head into Coco’s stomach and chest.  The old lady started yelling at us, very rudely too, until she say Coco was pregnant, then she got scared and just said it was all our faults and ran away… I have never seen an old person run that fast before.  Coco sat down and gathered her strength and then we made our way home after she insisted she was ok and no harm was done.
After the festival we had to wait for a taxi in Xin Tian Di (New World) area.  This is the ex-pat area full of bars, cafe’s, and shopps, all over priced and no barginning allowed.  We finally got a taxi and made it home.  The next day we went to a park close to People’s Square on the way to Pu Dong, but did not go because of the crowds.  Sunday was a rare blue sky day in Shanghai and eveyone was taking advantage of it by being outside.  Coco started to feel sharp pains in her stomach and we came home as soon possible.  Things did not get any better so we headed out to the hospital.  We got there after what seemed like a very long cab ride and made our way into the emergency room.  This hospital is much better then the one by our home as it is specifically for pregnancies.  Coco went to talk to the doctor and have some tests done and we were given a perscription.  On the way to the drug counter we witnessed two women fighting, with one standing by to prevent the one getting beat from running away.   From what we could gather the younger and taller of the two (in the white dress and around 22 years old) was the girl friend of the shorter and slightly older woman’s (in the green jogging suit and closer to 30 years old) husband.  THe white dress girl was here to have an abortion because she was pregnant.  So why was the wife here at this paticular hospital….  Good I’m glad you in the back asked.  Well, as you may imagine, the wife was there because she was pregnant too.  Yep you got it, of all the hospitals in all Shanghai the two women who are sleeping with the same man end up at the same place at the same time.  Well, the wife in green won this bout hands down as well.  The woman in white never even tried to fight back.  The wife hit her so hard it echoed through the entire emergency room like a door slamming shut.  Eventually a security guard stepped in and stopped the fight so all us bystanders had to go about our business (this crowd was smaller at less then 40 people).  As we were leaving Coco overheard the wife and her friend calling her wayward husband’s mother and telling her what was going on and that she too was getting an abortion because she said the stess of the afair and the fight with the girl friend caused her to get signs of a miscarriage.  So this man now has a very pissed off wife, beat up and scared girl friend, and nearly as pissed off mother to contend with all week long.  I hope his passport is current and up to date!
Today I got a runny nose and sinus headache, and not knowing or being able to read the medicines at the stores here it makes it hard to find what you need.  I am adding thermaflu, comtrex, and sudafed to my shopping list for next May.  Over the weekend we also got a visit from a vaccum cleaner sailsperson of the door to door varity.  The vaccum was impressive and had many attachments, but for nearly $1,000 USD and being restricted to 220VAC there was no way we would buy that.  The demonstration was nice and the sails woman very knowledgable but sorry no sale.  If I see that brand in the US, Vorwerk, I will see what it is there because this thing had some pretty cool features, and yes this is a vaccum cleaner and yes I am a guy…  It is a pretty cool set that can clean just about anything from floor to ceiling, even beds!  After 12 straight days of work the weekend was not long enough.  And now either a never known before allergy or new cold is setteling in which makes promise for a very bright and sunny week.  At least I don’t have the problems of the guy in the previous paragraph!
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2 Responses to Something in the air

  1. Christopher says:

    Wow sounds like you had a wild weekend.  I\’ve noticied that people in Shanghai tend to fight more when the seasons change.  Especially from summer to fall and winter to spring.  I think that during the summer it is too hot to put in enough effort to fight and likewise during the winter it is too cold for people to bear fighting outside.  I love to watch the fights here, often the police love to watch the fights too, rarely do they bother breaking it up.  I guess it\’s better to let people get it out of their system than letting them stew over it until they snap.

  2. David says:

    Wow what say week!! But hey its good to hear your family is doing ok =) Great story! Thanks for sharing!

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