New Pictures

I have posted 2 new photo albums as I see they tend to be the most popular things on my blog.  My wife wants me to begin a series of themes with my photos, currently we are working on all the luxury car dealerships in downtown Shangahi.  Lamborghini, yes there is one here and not too far from my office too, BMW, and Porche are all that are left form the exotic market, well I haven’t found any British dealers yet so Austin Martin, Bentley, etc will be left out unless I get really serious about the theme thing.
I saw an interesting program on Chinese screen writers and directors, the 5th Generation, and it had quite a bit of dialoge from Martin Scorscasie, yes I misspelled that but will fix it later,.  One thing that struck me was a line he said that takes me back to my film class.  The director shows you things on purpose.  The camera is a tool and a window used to show only a part of the whole picture, so it is always very important what is in this window.  He also stated Chinese directors use different camera angles and lighting, that I was aware of, and this got me to thinking about my pictures.  I know how to frame a still, and how to offset something to make it stand out and more interesting.  However I have never taken any photo classes, thank god, and feel it has worked out the best.  I take pictures to remind myself of places, people, or feelings at that time.  I often take too many pictures now that I have a digital camera, but it has only allowed me to explore some more creative shots. 
I miss using my 35mm, it is here and collecting dust at the moment which is a shame.  Hopefully I can do what I was intending on doing from the get go, use the digital for reference, then the 35 for actual shots.  Ok so this is pretty self centered and rambling so far so let me get back to the point.
The pictures were from last weekend as we enjoyed a blue sky day and one of the last days of summer out side in the sun.  I love buildings and it shows, there are plenty of them here.  A theme I have in mind is the concrete and glass forrest of Shanghai, what do you think?  I hope you find them interesting and enjoyable as they were fun to take.  If the weather holds out we might get to go to the zoo this weekend too!
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One Response to New Pictures

  1. David says:

    I have to say, you have some wonderful pictures!! Thank you very much for sharing. I like them a lot =) I plan to travel to china when in 3 weeks to beijing, Xian and shanghai. What advise you would give some one who has never been to china and only has 10 days to spend there? Thanks again!

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