Planning another trip

After my 12 straight work days last week, this past weekend being the first in 2 weeks so I enjoyed it with the wife, I have fallen out of the blog rhythm.  I am trying to regain that but doubt I will keep it up as National Holiday happens after next week.  What is National Holiday?  It is China’s version of Fall Festivals and Government Birthday wrapped into one long and festive week.

October 1st is the anniversary of the People’s Republic of China being established and governing China.  This day is reserved for people across china to take to the streets to wave Chinese flags and show their patriotism.  The following days are for the Moon Festival and other fall festivals respectively.  For this reason it is a full week long holiday.  That is right a week off of work.  Just as the International Labor Days celebration back in May there will be a full week off of work.  This does come with a price however, and that is an extended work week prior to the holiday.  Those who read about my May Days posts will recall I worked 7 days straight then had 7 days off meaning I had to work the weekend up to the holiday.  Same deal here.  This is still much better then the unexpected SCO conference that caused a 12 day work week with only 5 days off… including weekend.  So nest week is a full week plus a few days then it is a full week and weekend off!  

So I will have a full seven days off!  What will I do with all this time off?  My wife really wants to travel and I am worried about the air planes, metal detectors, the whole gambit so we will travel by rail.  Oh where are we off to?  Xi’An.  This is one of the oldest cities in China, located in the central part of the country it is a 14 hour train ride.  There is a Neolithic settlement close by, Banpo, and numerous other sites dating back 3,000 to 5,000 years old.  This was the site of many of the ancient capitals of the ancient Chinese empires.  I hope to take many many pictures and chronicle the journey at least as I did to Beijing and hopefully better.  So if there are no posts between October 1st and 7th you will know the reasons.  The trip is still in the planning phases so once I have an itinerary I will let you know.

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2 Responses to Planning another trip

  1. Christopher says:

    You are a braver man than me.  No way would I jump on a train during one of the Chinese holidays.  I suppose before you go you should stock up on adult diapers.  I hope you manage to get a seat so you aren\’t standing for those fourteen hours that would really be awful.

  2. Ninghua says:

    As an experienced traveller in China, I warn you be very care about the rail tickets both go and back. If money is not the problem, I would rather take the return trip by air, that save much more time for you on ticket hunting. Xi\’an is an wonderful place when you equip enough history knowledge. Good luck on your journey~

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