The glory of the flying blimp… say what?

This afternoon as I was returning from lunch I noticed something strange up in the sky.  Many outside of China might not know that here you do not see that many aircraft in the sky.  The only ones you see are commercial airliners and transport planes, the occasional military jet flying around in pairs, and that is it.  Well, until today that is.  For nearly 2 hours now a large blimp has been flying around western Shanghai, floating is more like it.  The blimp is performing some odd rising and falling patterns and going around in large circles.  Maybe the media is trying their hand at blimp piloting for the Beijing Olympics so they do not need to hire the Met Life of Budweiser blimps?  

It is odd how quickly we can adapt to our new surroundings.  Just after 9/11, when they grounded all civilian air craft, it only took a week or two to become accustomed to not hearing all the small private aircraft, news and medical helicopters and such buzzing around.  When the ban was lifted it took no time for this noise to blend into our everyday background noise.  Here in China there are no civilian aircraft of any type over Shanghai, so when something new appears, auditory or visually you take notice.  It is odd seeing a blimp when there is nothing else in the sky, it just bobs and slowly floats by, seemingly unimportant or unnoticed except for its solute against the gray and smoggy skies.

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