Interesting Kim Jong Il trivia

Just ran across this list on my Yahoo news page, thought I would share it, just to show my Korean position isn’t all Sunday morning talk show like in nature.

1. Most people say he was born in Siberia in 1941, when his father, Kim Il Sung, was in exile. The "official" account states that he was born in 1942 in a log cabin on a mountain, and there was a double rainbow to mark the occasion. His name as a child was "Yura."  Log cabin???  Did he study law by candle light too and wear a stove pipe hat???

2. His younger brother drowned in a pond in 1948; his mother died a year later.  Sounds like a movie plot, see #10 below.

3. He rode a motorcycle to high school.  Korean James Dean???  Again see #10 below

4. He graduated from Kim Il Sung University in 1964 with a degree in political economy.  Better then a degree in Physical Education, bet he can name most of the countries and knows their leaders names too.

5. He has allegedly written over 1,000 books and six operas and designed a tower to commemorate his father.  Just goes to show quantity alone can not guarentee quality, otherwise he alone should have gotten at least 1 Nobel Prize by now, maybe even a Tony!

6. He did not allow his voice to be broadcast until 1992.  Learned form other’s on the ills of sound bites.

7. He has at least six children by three different mothers and perhaps more.  Well, good thing he is the ruler, otherwise the child welfare people might have cought up with hm to keep up with his child support payments by now.

8. He sleeps only four hours per day.  Yea, all that talk of sleep depervation making you crazy is just plain… crazy, HA, see it makes me pick all the right moves, HA HA MUHAHAHAHAHA!

9. He wears platform shoes to mask his short stature.  Nah, he is just wanting to relive the era of disco, when his fashion and hair styles were hip with the chicks!  Refer to #7 on how well this ended up for him…. Yea baby!

10. He likes movies. A lot. He is said to own over 20,000 and claims to have watched every Oscar winner.  Ok MPAA… where is the lawsuit against him, with the sanctions in place he had to have downloaded a few thousand at least!  If you can sue a poor college freshman and ruin their future I am sure you can do the same with a crazy reclusive leader of a nuclear weapon posessing country too, prove your lawyers worth!

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