The Tigers win the pennant, the Tigers win the pennant!

The signs in Comerica Park read Destiny, With the old English D that has been on the Tigers uniforms for almost forever.  The 3 run walk off blast to deep left field by Ordonez has erased 21 years of fans desperation at the last time the Tigers went to the World Series in 1984, back when I was just 13.  With all the changes, troubles, dissapointments over the last 2 decades it all faded away like the hanging fastball that was blased from the plate into the lights above Comerica Park before dropping in on the fans in the outfield blechers.
Yes, I was able to watch this one game of the Tigers, this is the only game of theirs I was able to see all of, from first strike out to walk off homer!  If there was one game to see to see, this was one to see.  From the collapse of the Tigers defense in the first 5 innings, allowing the A’s to get a 3 run jump and their standing numerous runners on base up to the 7th and 8th, it was a thrill ride as Detroit maintained the 2-3 mark up until Ordonez tied the game at 3 with a solo home run.  It was a game that captures the spirit of a team determined.  A team assembled of many nations, backgrounds, ages, and levels… but they are a team.  A team held together by a glue stronger then the money and endorsements of the top ten paying teams in the MLB.  The wonderful thing for all this is the hard core fans who have stayed loyal through the worst season in professional baseball, continued to go to the games, wear the hats and shirts, and watch the games on TV.  To them this win was the second biggest thing they could see, the best will be in the World Series as they most likely will meet St. Louis. 
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