And who knew New York would not be in the World Series this year?

Well sports fans, it seems another prediction was dead on the money, even if a little drama was thrown into the mix.  The mets are out and the Tigers can now focus on hosting St Louis into Comerica Park.  A well rested and able pitching Tiger squad will face the best the NL has to offer.  Detroit’s bats have been silent for nearly a week now as the Cards and Mets strained to see who was better.  Seeing the Tigers are the wild card champs they have home field advantage.  And Detroit is hungry, the players, managers, fans, and city are all hungry.  If the Cards don’t bring their A-game then the series may not be so long.  Of course there is always the threat of the law of averages, seeing the NL has been horrible the past few years and are due for a win, I am afraid this is not the year.  Looking at Detroits line ups and progress post season, it seems to be a David v Golith match.  But don’t count out the Cards, they are good, they did make it to the big show, and I hope this isn’t a sweep.  I want to see some good ball, and this October looks to be a good one for it.
Congrats St Louis on your victory over New York, now welcome to Detroit! 
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One Response to And who knew New York would not be in the World Series this year?

  1. no esta disponible says:

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    take care !!

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