Talking about Report: Kim sorry about North Korea nuke test – Asia-Pacific –

North Korean leader, Kim Jong Il, today stated "he is sorry about the nuclear test,” to a Chinese government deligate and newspaper.  It seems the 75% of aid and goods the Chinese supplies to Korea have a strong hold over the renigade communist regieme’s position.  While the article circulating the news agencies offer Korea some difiance yet, they do state that the leader is feeling the pressure of the international community against them.  Let’s all hope that the 6-party talks can resume now and this sillines of a nuclear stand off are over. 

The Chinese are even viewing this as a mess and laughable cause, many newspapers here quote people living in the border towns as saying the Koreans are 40 to 50 years behind them and how their society and military are too weak and poorly equiped to withstand such an international seige and issolation that such a stand off would require.  I hope this sends a message to Iran that taking such a radical and dangerous stance will not work out to anyone’s favor. 


Report: Kim sorry about N. Korea nuke test – Asia-Pacific –

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  1. Cordelia says:

    You\’ll probably need to know where the embassy before I will—but hopefully you won\’t have cause to crash the gates anytime soon. Although I was thinking–there is a movie where Richard Gere runs to the embassy in China–but goes back outside because he loves a local girl who would be victimized because of her associations with him–I\’m sure that won\’t be you and Coco anytime soon! Oh…and I hope the family planning is coming along nicely!

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