If you can’t take the heat… stay out of Detroit!

Game two of the world series was a wake-up call for the Tigers, and overdue as they played terrible in game 1, allowing their starting rookie pitcher to get them into such a hole by the time he was replaced they could not catch up.  It was not all the rookie’s fault as he did pitch a better game then the 7-2 score showed, but his apparent lack of experience allowed the Cardinals to take advantage of the situation and get some runners and scores early on, before the closing of the 5th inning.  That and some errors blamed on rust and too much time off also contributed to a lackluster performance by the motor town team.

Game two was a good start for Detroit to shake off the rust and get down to business.  Now for those Cardinal fans out there who have been crying foul and cheat at Mr. Roger’s D-I-R-T-Y left hand… get over it!  You were beat by a 40+ year old, considered washed up, and never taken for seriously, pitcher.  What was this controversy all about?  Read the NY Times to see.  Baseball isn’t taking this seriously, the umpires didn’t take this seriously, and neither is anyone else outside of St Louis.  Rogers pitched way better in the following innings then he did in the first, when the dirt came into question and he washed his hands.  Seems maybe all of Detroit’s pitchers should wash their hands more often!

Now the series is tied 1-1 and has moved to St Louis.  Just as the baseball front office has stated if manager La Russa really believed Rogers was cheating why the heck did he not say or argue about it with the home plate ump?!!!!  Because he knew better that is why.  The NL has been impotent for years and the cocky nature of them got the better of them when the Tigers finally woke up and got back into the series.  Detroit is a good road team and hopefully the bats will wake up and give the pitching some breathing room and support and the infield errors will stay away and allow them to play they way they have all post season.  GO TIGERS!

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