MSN Encarta Quiz: Halloween Quiz

I saw this on the MSN Encarta site and thought you might be interested Halloween Quiz
score: 8/10

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One Response to MSN Encarta Quiz: Halloween Quiz

  1. no esta disponible says:

     did u say many ultrasound or any?.
    i dont know why now the use to do this, i think is not really good to know what u go to have!, but is a good way to buy something spaecial u know boy\’s or girl !
     look at me!. i have a 5 years old boy, and now when i meet this is a baby girl i feel happy u know.
     how is….. that,  there always have boy?. is something like genetic right there?. or for something special?. ???? ( you most write a blog for this, coz i didnt hear it before !!) and them i will understand why, and many people like me who doenst know about this !.
     thank u for your words, so kind ur comment, thank u!!and yes, i pray god for everything go ok,  bye thank you again !!

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