12 months worth of changes

Yesterday, November 5th, marked 1 year since my first journey to China… and the day I met my lovely and adoring Coco. In the past 12 months I came to China 2 more times, the last time to live and work, to relocate my life, career, friends, everything. Over the course of this year Coco and I have gotten married, are expecting our first child, and for a vast majority of the time nothing but good times and adventures together.
I have furthered my career and look forward to a brighter tomorrow. I have validated to myself and my friends that if you really want to make a big change in your life, all you have to do is to take the first step, the rest is easy. This is not to say it has all been a piece of cake along the way, but everything has been well worth any bumps along the way. In this modern world we can be in control of our lives as long as we believe we can be.
I look forward to the next 12 months, which will mark the birth of our child, our first wedding anniversary, and who knows what else. It is the mystary of life that makes it all excieting, if everything went as planned and expected there would be very little satisfaction in it at the end of the day. Just as my high-school football coach said; if you keep your shoulder low and your feet moving you will always make progress.
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One Response to 12 months worth of changes

  1. allen says:

    Hey John, I don\’t know if you saw my last comment.  I was hoping I could forward you some of our job openning in Shanghai.   Maybe you or your friends would be interested.  my email is allentailui@hotmail.com
    thanks, congrats to your 1 year anniversary btw.

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