Back in the Saddle again

Sorry if I seemed to have dropped off the face of the blogsphere for a bit, like just demanded more time then blogging could sustain. 
The last 10 days have been hectic, harrowing, and nearly non-stop.  I will catch everyone up this weekend, hopefully.  First off, I had my 36th birthday, then I took terminal leave from my now previous employer, then I took my wife back to her home town for the baby’s delivery, spent a wonderful week in Guangzhou, and yes I have PICTURES!, made it back to Shanghai, and finally have struck out on my own as my wife will be in Guangzhou for about 6 weeks and 2 days as I fend for myself in Shanghai.
Today was hectic as I had to get everything together for my first day at work tomorrow, Friday, and to set some things up for the families homecoming in February. 
Unfortunately it turns out we may have a problem with the baby, I am Rh negitive, Coco is Rh positive… so the baby has potential to have issues and the hospital for delivery may have to be changed in case of issues develop.  Coco and I are praying everything turns out on the lucky side as so far they have, the baby has finally turned head down, the heart beat is strong, the baby is big, strong, and appears to be healthy, so hopefully this new worry will be unfounded.  Time will tell as all of our family histories have early deliveries so our daughter may be here quicker then the 27th.
Oh, I do see some rather questionable people left solicitations on my blog while I was away, sorry for that, they have been deleted and the rules dictate that as they were of questionable taste and suspect legitimacy.  More to come as 2006 winds down and 2007 winds up!
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