From underground to above ground

The company I am working for Accenture, has placed our team in a building different then the one we were doing our initial orientation in (the same building my former employer was in, just 7 floors up).  I really was not too keen on moving to a different building (the past building was just a few subway stops {line 1, the red line} and my wife’s work is just on the way… very convienent).  The new building is fortunately on a railway line here (line 3/4 the yellow/blue line) and also line 2, the green line.
I have only been on the above ground line two times before, once to go to horse back riding and once to find Bubba’s Texas BBQ.  I was a little worried as I did not know how long it was going to take, at least line 4 makes a small circle so even if you mess up you can get back to the right stop eventually.  I did my research, line 3 and 4 both are accessible at the Shanghai Railway Station, very close to the apartment.  They both stop at the new building, and from the subway level I know I have to take exit 7.
I got up 45 minutes early, was out the door 25 minutes earlier then I usually was and lo ‘n behold I made it in a mere 40 minutes and only 5 stops.  It is made even easier by the fact that the railway station and the building platforms are both on the same side, the others are on the opposite side.  I used good old fashioned logic to figure out which train to get onto, as there are 2, one on each side of the platform.  The new office is on the west side so I just took the train going away from the rising sun (remember the line goes in a big loop).  I made it to work 10 minutes early even!  We still did not have our security badges or ID cards so I had to wait for people to come by to get in, but I made it and with out getting lost or turned around!  Big accomplishment for me in Shanghai without my wife or anyone else as a guide.
After surveying the surround area durring breaks, our office is on the 31st floor, I think I will like the new office building.  Accross the street is the In The Clouds mall, which has several floors of all sorts of shops, including a Carefore (think really large super market) and a Yolo, Chines version of Best Buy (and the one with the biggest selection of electronic I have seen) and more restaurants and odd little shops underground in the subway part to keep me and the wife busy for months to come… there is even a large book store close by, hopefully they have a good English section as I need some tech manuals now… wish I have brought my 2 boxes of tech manuals from the states with me now!  At lunch we had food delivered, which was really nice as it could take almost half an hour to find a good spot to eat.
For nearly 9 months now I have come to know and become pretty proficient with the undergound subway system here, even in the large stations on line 1 and 2 (Peoples Square interchange station can take a solid week to explore as it covers nearly 15 acres undergound total and connects 6 buidlings and parks in down town).  Faithful readers will recall how I always complaigned about the over crowding and potential hazards this cause to the system, that I do not miss.  The above ground trains are just as new as the below ground ones, only a couple of year old.  They both have Chinese and English station annoucements, video screens, and maps inside the cars.  The above ground cars are smaller, yet they are about just the same amount over crowded, but the people do not seem to puch and shove as bad above ground.  It is also nice to see the sun and city on the way to work, and not the blackness you see in the subway.  I hope my optimism on this new variation of getting to work will continue and despite the early wake up call (the baby will ensure that when she is here) it looks to be a nice change of scenery for a new job in a new building.
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2 Responses to From underground to above ground

  1. Christopher says:

    It sounds like you are a relative newbie to the whole metro system in Shanghai.  I absolutely love the metro system here and try to ride it frequently.  Just last week line 3(Yellow) was extended, line 4(purple) isn\’t actually a circle yet thanks to a tunnel collapse last year, line 2(green) will be extended by the end of the year, and they will be activating more lines next year.  Really an exciting time for Public transportation in Shanghai.

  2. Sarah says:

    It sounds like you are starting to learn your way around!! That\’s super!!! Don\’t forget, if you can\’t get the tech manuals there, you might be able to get amazon, or ebay or something to ship english versions if you can\’t get hold of your own. I got super excited when I heard you mention the bookstore, I was envisioning rows and rows of manga, lol.
    Merry Christmas!!! Slightly early, but I hope the holiday and the new year bring you only the best of things.

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