Baby Updates

This has been a busy week in many aspects.  Coco has had to go to the hospital again for oxygen.  I don’t know how she was able to get through mountain climbing in Tibet more then 2 times.  The problem is her sinuses are blocked either by allery or cold and they can’t give her any meds.  So this is the third time she has had to go in for oxygen, and they insisted she stay over night because the night before last she only got 3 hours of sleep because she couldn’t breathe and the baby’s heart rate dropped from the normal 140 to less then 120.  There was no private room the the 3 others she was sharing a room with were noisy so she talked the doctors into letting her go home and come back for O2 blood tests this morning.
Everything worked out fine, here sinuses are better now and the baby is moving and heart rate is normal, but the baby has dropped!  The big moment will be anytime now as the baby is moving quite a bit to adjust to the new position lower in her belly.  There is no sign of immediate labor so they are letting her go home where she can be more comfortable and relaxed.  I am going to have to keep everything close by so I can get onto a plane and down to Guangzhou as soon as the actual labor begins.  I told her to be mindful of false labor and not to get too excieted until the doctors confirm everything.  It is hard being 1,000 miles away from all of this but at least I have gotten my passport back from HR (with the new work visa and residency/work permits… all updated to next December and not March!), so I can get the ticket once things are ready to happen. 
Guess I will have to finish the crib when I come back from my paternaty leave and before I go back down for Chinese New Year on the 17th of February (Chinese New Year is from the 18th to the 23rd this year).  That gives me 3.5 weeks or so to get all the last minute things ready for the baby to come home, finishing the crib, last minute cleaning of the baby’s room, getting the rest of the place squared away, and getting all the non baby friendly things out of a kid’s reach… yes I know a new born can’t really reach or crawl around that much, but still better to get it done now then 6 months from now.
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